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J.A. Rogers Book 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro: With Complete Proof
J.A. Rogers 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro £ 6.99
With Complete Proof - A Short Cut to The World History of The Negro J.A. Rogers devoted over fifty years of his life to his research. He had not only looked at world history but also at the history of people of African origin, and has show how their history is an inseparable part of the history of mankind. First published in 1934 and revised in 1962, this book gathers journalist and historian Joel Augustus Rogers' columns from the syndicated newspaper feature titled Your History. Patterned after the look of Ripley's popular Believe It or Not the multiple vignettes in each episode recount short items from Rogers's research. The feature began in the Pittsburgh Courier in November 1934 and ran through the 1960s. Review - "I really liked this. Or rather, I liked J.A. Rogers' insistent energy to be believed in this tiny book. Rogers lists all sorts of African accomplishments and deeds and categorizes them in lists such as Ancient Civilizations, Sex, Religion, Rulers, Slavery, etc. A lot of this information not included in your typical mainstream lesson. And apparently Rogers traveled all over Europe to gather this info from different museums and libraries, so I'll definitely want to check out his other works". Published May 1st 1995. 72 pages.
Axsal Johnson Book UK 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro 9780993085970
Axsal Johnson 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro £ 10.00
With Complete Proof: The 2017 Edition - Celebrating Black Excellence A Tribute To J. A. Rogers Think back to your time in the classroom, what can you remember being taught about your African origins? Besides the period of slavery, the struggles of the civil rights sixties and range of inventions innovations and breakthroughs of the 19th and 20th century, not much right. It’s no secret, nor has it been for some two thousand years Black African people have been around since what many would call the dawn of time. It was the children of Africa that began civilising the world introducing them to the liberal arts like reading, writing, mathematics, medicine, advanced agriculture and stone masonry to name a few. Africa through the middle ages just like the ancient times was the academic headquarters of the world, the home of spirituality, the continent was where the blueprint for modern day society was created. Sadly, the assignation of self-worth was completed through the barbaric Maafa (African holocaust/ transatlantic slave trade) John Henrik Clarke said: “Slavery ended and left its false images of Black people intact.” Systemic institutionalised racism ensures the perpetuation of these false images mainly through the entertainment & media platforms but most damagingly through the education & academic systems. Jamaican born Journalist & Historian, Joel Augustus Rogers, whose numerous works and contributions to the international black community are mostly unknown today understood the importance of highlighting the triumphs of black African excellence. In 1934 he released his version of this title as a crash course to Black African history, to uplift and empower people with less access to information than we do today who faced lynchings and social beratement for succeeding. 2017’s edition was produced to remind the world of J. A. Rogers. On top of that, to combat to the global white supremacist power structure by helping to cement in the minds of all Black African people worldwide that they’re the original standard of excellence. Published 12 Dec 2017. 124 pages.
Daniel Chu Book UK A Glorious Age in Africa 9780865431676
Daniel Chu A Glorious Age in Africa £ 13.99
The Story of 3 Great African Empires (Young Readers Series) Suitable for ages 7+. A review of 800 years of African history, focusing on the empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, and revealing the military, educational, and political supremacy during that time. Did you know...that during Europe's "Dark Ages," three great African empires provided the main advance of human knowledge? That Timbuktu was once of the greatest centers of learning in the world? Did you know...that on separate pilgrimages to Mecca, two African emperors dispensed more than ten million dollars apiece in charity? That another emperor used a thirty pound gold nugget as a hitching post? Did you know..that until the invention of firearms the mighty African warriors of the Sudan were never conquered? This book reveals the magnificent history and heritage of Africa, destroying, once and for all, the centuries-old, still lingering myth that Africa "was a continent without history." Here is a fascinating account of the Africans from the 8th to the16th century, highlighted by the successive rise of three Sudanese empires that at their height were the equal of any contemporary civilization in Europe or Asia.
Nelson Mandela EBOOK A Long Walk to Freedom - EBOOK 978-0316548182
Nelson Mandela A Long Walk to Freedom - EBOOK £ 1.99
Nelson Mandela was one of the great moral and political leaders of his time: an international hero whose lifelong dedication to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa won him the Nobel Peace Prize and the presidency of his country. After his triumphant release in 1990 from more than a quarter-century of imprisonment, Mandela was at the center of the most compelling and inspiring political drama in the world. As president of the African National Congress and head of South Africa's antiapartheid movement, he was instrumental in moving the nation toward multiracial government and majority rule. He is still revered everywhere as a vital force in the fight for human rights and racial equality. Long Walk to Freedom is his moving and exhilarating autobiography, destined to take its place among the finest memoirs of history's greatest figures. Here for the first time, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela told the extraordinary story of his life -- an epic of struggle, setback, renewed hope, and ultimate triumph.
Various Authors EBOOK Africa in the World Economy- EBOOK 9788932230467
Various Authors Africa in the World Economy- EBOOK £ 1.99
The contributors to this book examine the economic constraints to growth and development faced by sub-Saharan African countries. These constraints include the underdevelopment of domestic capital markets, the lack of national and regional infrastructures, and the ongoing dependence on the export of commodities whose prices and markets are volatile and remain largely determined by the large companies of western countries. At the same time, the book discusses the international community's responsibility to remove obstacles of its own making and create the necessary international conditions that would enable Africa to overcome its development and poverty problems. Experienced scholars and policymakers from Africa, policy-oriented experts from western and Asian countries, and research-oriented officials of the IMF, World Bank, UN and WTO present their views on Africas challenges. Their analyses provide useful insights into how policies can be improved at the national, regional and international levels. All of the chapters defy some cliches about Africas development. The book includes an interesting discussion about the development model Ð the role of the state and the role of the market Ð that would best fit African realities, and the lessons that can be learned from experiences in Latin America and Asia. It also includes a timely analysis of the developmental role of emerging Asian investments into Africa The contributing authors are deeply concerned about AfricaÕs fate. Their analyses and solutions are highly useful to those who want to contribute to improving the economic situation in Africa. Some of the issues discussed in this book are also of great relevance to the development prospects, not only of the African region, but of poor countries in general.
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK Africa Mother of Western Civilization 978-0933121256
Yosef ben-Jochannan Africa Mother of Western Civilization £ 34.99
Dr. Ben, also known as Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan. Celebrates Africa Mother in an lecture/essay style format. Dr. Ben identifies and corrects myths about the inferiority and primitiveness of the indigenous African peoples and their descendants. Review "Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan is an incredible scholar. He has done such excellent work in the recovery of Ancient African history. His particular thesis demonstrates that Africa, as the Mother of Civilization, birthed much of the ideology of Western Civilization. Through the Middle Passage, much of the European slave traders denigrated Africans and African history, suggesting that African history contributed nothing to the world. Texts like Dr. Ben's text emphasize the importance and the major contributions that Africans and African history has made to the world, generally, but specifically to the Western Cultural and Western Civilization feature. Before the Romans, Before the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Nubians, the culture of Kemet, existed in Africa, and Dr. Ben artiuclates and demonstrates how these cultures reached a high level of civilization in spite fo the anti-African sentiments that were very prominent in the 19th century. This is a very good book". Published 1971, 1988. 750 pages.
Atlantis Tye Browder Book UK Africa on My Mind: Reflections of My Second Trip 978-0924944086
Atlantis Tye Browder Africa on My Mind: Reflections of My Second Trip £ 13.99
Africa on My Mind is the second publication, written by 13 year old Atlantis Tye Browder and her father Anthony Browder. It chronicles their experiences while taking part in a 15 day study tour to West Africa in 1993. During the course of her study tour Atlantis traveled to Senegal, The Gambia, Ghana and Ivory Coast.  She visited numerous cities, villages Andy historical sites including the infamous slave dungeons at Goree island, Cape Coast and Elmira.  She also met a number of fascinating people gained incredible insight.
John Coleman De Graft-Johnson Book UK African Glory: The Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations 978-0933121034
John Coleman De Graft-Johnson African Glory £ 15.99
The Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations - An intimate history of Africa and its ancient civilizations, the book opposed the stereotyped and often racist histories of Africa. Today, a half century after its initial publication, African Glory still provides a vivid and dynamic connection to the African past. First published in 1954, a time when few books on African history were written from an African perspective. Dr. J.C. deGraft-Johnson, born in Ghana, aka Gold Coast,  He obtained his education in the United Kingdom receiving a PhD degree in Economics from Edinburgh University. At the same time, he was thoroughly familiar with the culture and history of his motherland, having received his early education in West African schools. These factors are ever present as one reads "The Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations."Elder Dr. John Henrik Clarke contributed the afterword for our edition. His afterword places African Glory and its author within the larger struggle for world wide African independence. Dr. Clarke also provided a supplemental bibliography that adds to the many sources cited in African Glory. Published 1st January 1986 210 pages.
Llaila Afrika Book UK African Holistic Health 9781617590313
Llaila Afrika African Holistic Health £ 16.99
ESSENTIAL READING! African Holistic Health addresses health issues from a comprehensive African -centered viewpoint. It provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homeopathic disease treatments. What makes African Holistic Health truly unique is the research Dr. Afrika has provided on the physiological and psychological differences between people of African descent verses people of European descent. Review - "There's some very valuable information in this book. Most of the remedies involve increased intake of vitamins, minerals, nutrients that any human being will find beneficial. Dr. Afrika strongly encourages a holistic approach to healing the body and this includes stepping away from a westernized diet. All the standards apply: avoid processed foods, prescription medications, white flour, sugar; focus on eating fruits, vegetables and healthy grains instead of meats and junk; exercise regularly; utilize essential oils, herbal remedies (specifics are listed) and spiritual practices". Published 16th February 2012. 559 pages.
Edward W. Blyden Book UK African Life And Customs 9780933121430
Edward W. Blyden African Life And Customs £ 13.99
African Life and Customs is an essential collection of Edward Wilmot Blyden's articles that examines the socioeconomic structure of African society. A native of St. Thomas, West Indies, Blyden (1832-1912) lived most of his life on the African continent. He was an accomplished educator, linguist, writer, and world traveler, who strongly defended the unique character of Africa and its people. In African Life and Customs, Blyden examined the culture of "pure" Africans. Africans who haven't had much or an influence by European and Asiatic influences. He highlights the family as the basic unit in African society and polygamy as the foundation of African families. He described African social systems as cooperative; everyone worked for each other. No one went without work, food, or clothing. Blyden challenged white racial theorists who held Africans were inferior and whose arguments supported their preconceived ideas. He assumed Africans to be "distinct" rather than inferior, and he analysed African culture within the context of African social experiences. Blyden's views were seen as controversial by some during his time, today, upon reevaluation, his work is seen by many as an important attempt to perform a holistic analysis of African society. African Life and Customs is an impressive African-centered interpretation of African culture. Review - "Beyond Excellent. This book taught that the African people were a wholely honest dealing people. There were no words for jail or prision, because the culture was not designed in a manner to produce criminals. With the European advancing on the West Coasts of Africa words started to enter the African languages for lock, jail and other means of capital punishment. It is European behavior to be a criminal and African Americans in particular have adopted European culture and destroyed themselves not knowing this foreign culture was repackaged as Thug Culture and now it is internalized by millions of African Youth. It is sad what European culture when adopted by Africans can be better than any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon to destroy a people". Published March 1st 1994. 96 pages.
Dr Richard D. King M. D. Book UK African Origin Of Biological Psychiatry 978-1930097308
Dr Richard D. King M. D. African Origin Of Biological Psychiatry £ 25.99
Black Dot is an ancient symbol for blackness. It is the black seed of all humanity, the hidden doorway to the collective unconsciousness-darkness, the shadow, primeval ocean, chaos, the womb, doorway of life. African Origin of Biological Psychiatry African Origin of Biological Psychiatry produces data pertaining to the diagnosis of genetic predispositions of historical Blackness. World experts in science have always clashed in debating the origin of man however, a Geneticist from the University of California in Berkeley, using gene analysis, recently asserted that, "all modern races derived from an African Woman. DR RICHARD KING, MD author of African Origin of Biological Psychiatry, Melanin: Key To Freedom, The Black Dot and many more articles. Dr. King will be introducing a recently presented paper on Melanin, Neuromelanin, Ben-Ben Stone, and Egyptian History. Dr. King was a facilitator for many years at The Aquarian Spiritual Society under the guidance of Dr. Alfred and Bernice Ligon of the Aquarian Bookstore (1943-1992). Dr. Richard Devoid King MD practices psychiatry in Los Angeles, California. Dr. King graduated with an MD 40 years ago. 130 Pages. Published 2001
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK African Origins of the Major Western Religions 9780933121294
Yosef ben-Jochannan African Origins of the Major Western Religions £ 34.99
African Origins of the Major "Western Religions" first published in 1970, continues to be one of Dr. Ben's most thought-provoking works. Yosef A.A. (Alfredo Antonio) ben-Jochannan (1918-2015) was an Ethiopian-born historian specializing in Africa, and was affectionately known simply as ‘Dr. Ben’ to his students and readers.Dr. Ben critically examines the history, beliefs, and myths that are the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Published 1970, 1991. 363 pages
Runoko Rashidi Book UK African Star Over Asia 978-0956638090
Runoko Rashidi African Star Over Asia £ 33.99
The Black Presence In The East What is the origin of the many Black populations in Asia? What are their links to Africa in prehistoric times? And in recent times?Has history been distorted by other dominant populations? This is an immense subject which Runoko Rashidi investigates diligently. Rashidi's reputation was initially based on his earlier work on the African presence in Asia. This book incorporates his earlier work as well as more recent researches and insights. It refers to the research of earlier scholars and explores the Black presence in Iraq, Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Japan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. It also covers the 'age of enslavement'. The second part of the book is a more personal record of Rashidi's travels and encounters with black people in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It also includes articles on the same subject by other Black scholars and is backed up by copious references and a thorough bibliography. The book has 95 colour and black and white photographs which support the author's arguments. Market: General, Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Student Reading List, Library, Black Interest, Asia Interest.
Meredeth Turshen EBOOK African Women A Political Economy EBOOK 978-1349290345
Meredeth Turshen African Women A Political Economy EBOOK £ 2.99
This book will present three main themes of African women: African feminism, women and work, and women and politics. Written to inform readers of the current debates, to encourage new thinking on these issues, and to indicate areas for needed research.
Ishakamusa Barashango Book UK Afrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories of Man's Beginnings 978-1602810044
Ishakamusa Barashango Afrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories of Man's Begin... £ 19.99
Afrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories of Man’s Beginnings presents some of the many remarkable ways our ancestors answered the eternal question; Where did the world and human beings come from? Barashango recounts these historical narratives in terms of today’s Black Experience. Review - "The late Dr. Barashango is a learned man in the Afrikan Cosmogonical Sciences of the Ancients. The reader is given different theories of creation/origin of the world and mankind. His mission is not to convert anyone to a particular creed/doctrine but to enlightened the reader to different perspectives of Afrikan thought. I feel there is much to be learned from the Kemetic Cosmogony/Sciences of the Ancients which may aid and assist mankind in becoming one with the Universal God". Published June 15th 1991. 220 pages.
Ishakamusa Barashango Book UK Afrikan People And European Holidays: A Mental Genocide: Book 1 9781602810006
Ishakamusa Barashango Afrikan People And European Holidays: A Mental ... £ 21.99
Dr. Barashango discusses the origins of European Holidays their pagan roots and why we as Black People should not celebrate them. Afrikan People And European Holidays: A Mental Genocide: Book 1, breaks down Christmas. Review - "A brilliant and indispensable text. Inspiring even. Barashango outlines a logical argument highlighting the psychotically aggressive qualities of popular European historical events, charts the process of moral and cultural destruction of Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere and African people, and then links these experiences to the need to reject European holidays, recognizing them as a mechanism to solidify White’s pathological cultural ethos, and to strengthen the psychological chains of mental bondage for Black Americans. Christmas is highlighted in this text, Book One". Published November 3rd 1979. 106 pages.
Ishakamusa Barashango Book UK Afrikan People And European Holidays: A Mental Genocide: Book 2 9781602810013
Ishakamusa Barashango Afrikan People And European Holidays: A Mental ... £ 21.99
A must have read for the history of holidays. Dr. Barashango discusses the origins of European Holidays their pagan roots and why we as Black People should not celebrate them. Review - "Book Two critiques Easter and other holidays. Not intended to be academic, this book is a perfect layman read with forceful and sensational language, and is concise. For most it will be eye-opening; reading historical facts not learned in school that may be hard to digest because the logical conclusion is to challenge the status quo. He embellishes his arguments with quotes from Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and other Black leaders who represent an uncompromising viewpoint. Though the topic is heavy and disheartening, the book does not leave the reader depressed with these uncovered truths. It ends with a nice chapter explaining the Kwanzaa Holiday to the uninitiated as a healthy alternative to the current holidays program that he argues only exacerbate the psychological distress of Black people". Published December 1st 2001. 136 pages.
Ishakamusa Barashango Book UK Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian Angel 978-1602810037
Ishakamusa Barashango Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian Angel £ 15.99
A collection of writings on the Black Woman’s creation of and ongoing contribution to world civilization. This work sets forth documented proof that the African Woman is the Mother of all living. She was also the first to develop agricultural science, to create an alphabet and mathematics, to devise scripts for writing and to establish educational and social systems. In essence, she was the spiritual impetus for all scientific investigation in the ancient world. The Black Woman was also the first builder of houses, constructor of cities, establisher of laws and governance and the creator of the marketplace. In fact, all the elements of civilisation that humans hold dear initially emanated from her, that is why she was revered as an angel in antiquity. Review - "I am so grateful to this author for revealing all this historical truth about the Black Woman, the African Woman. This book made me divinely fall that much more deeper in love and admiration for Black Women in general. They are the women who brought us here and the Divine consciousness we must seek will inevitably bring us together into realization of truly how important it is to have knowledge of yourself and your family. My perception of Black Women had transcended love beyond any words I can describe". Published December 1st 1989. 85 pages.
Oswald Gift Book Afro-Tots Numbers 123
Oswald Gift Afro-Tots Numbers 123 £ 6.99
Afro-Tots symbolizes the children who are striving towards attaining intellectual freedom. Afro-Tots has seven children each symbolizing one of the principles of Kwanzaa.  
Khepera Sahu Khu Book UK Altered Images 9781886433946
Khepera Sahu Khu Altered Images £ 12.99
Was an Egyptian Goddess Transformed Into...the Virgin Mary? Find out how the images of Ast and Heru (Isis and Horus) were transformed from their original Af-Ra-Kan essence and given an European appearance by the Greeks and romans before finally being co-opted by the Catholic church and worshiped by millions of Christians as the Madonna and Child...even though the concept of a Divine child and the Holy Mother has its' basis in Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and clearly pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years.
Debra & Jeffrey Dean Book UK Amazing Adventures of Abiola 9780865434103
Debra & Jeffrey Dean Amazing Adventures of Abiola £ 6.99
Abiola means "Born into Honor." Suitable for under 5's.- Abiola is very intelligent boy whose parents have taught him many great things about his African ancestry in the areas of inventions, pioneers, science, and technology. Abiola begins to realize that very little, if any, of the information about his ancestors is being used in the public school curriculum. Abiola discusses the situation with his parents who show him how to research in different areas. Abiola then shares this information with his friends and teachers, and they all become excited, especially Abiola because he is anxious to learn more about his ancestor's contribution to the world. Illustrated by Dwayne Ferguson. Abiola is an intelligent boy whose parents have taught him many things about his African ancestry and their roles as inventors and pioneers. He soon realises that very little of this information is taught in schools and sets out to find out more and share his new knowledge with teachers and friends.
Patrick Chabal Book UK Amilcar Cabral: Revolutionary Leadership and People's War 9781592210824
Patrick Chabal Amilcar Cabral: Revolutionary Leadership and Pe... £ 39.99
This book, first published in 1983 by Cambridge University Press and now issued for the first time in paperback with a new preface, tells the story of Amilcar Cabral who, as head of PAIGC, Guinea-Bissaus nationalist movement, became one of Africas foremost revolutionary leaders. In less than twenty years of active political life, Cabral led Guinea-Bissaus nationalists to the most complete political and military success ever achieved by an African political movement against a colonial power. At the time of his death in 1973, months before Guinea-Bissau became independent, his influence extended well beyond the Lusophone world and Africa. Friends and foes alike admired his political acumen and skills and saw in him a potential leader of a non-aligned movement. His writings have shown him to be a sophisticated analyst of the social, economic, and political factors which have affected and continue to affect the developing world. At a time when there is a general sense of despondency about the future of Africa, as well as cynicism about its political elites, it is instructive to be reminded that the continent has produced a political leader of Cabrals caliber. ABOUT THE AUTHOR PATRICK CHABAL is professor of lusophone African studies at King’s College, London. Among his books are "The Postcolonial Literature of Lusophone Africa" (1996) and "The History of Postcolonial Lusophone Africa" (2002), both of which he was the editor.
Godfrey Higgins Book UK Anacalypsis: The Saitic Isis 9781881316183
Godfrey Higgins Anacalypsis: The Saitic Isis £ 65.99
Languages Nations and Religions Volume 1 & 2 The treasure of knowledge acquired through the study of languages is to unlock the gifts of antiquity. This book is an attempt to draw aside the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the origin of languages, nations and religions.
David Mac Ritchie Book UK Ancient & Modern Britons Volume 1 978-1930097872
David Mac Ritchie Ancient & Modern Britons Volume 1 £ 21.99
This 2 volume work of Scottish Historian David Mac Ritchie, 1851-1925, first published in 1884 and long out of print, its impact will have as profound an impact as Gerald Massey and Godfey Higgins. Whoever has gone into one of our Antiquarian Museums, and glanced with some curiosity, and perhaps with growing interest, at the withered fragments of canoes, preserved from total decay by the peat out of which they were dug, at the stone heads of weapons whose handles have rotted long ago, at the flint knives and arrow-heads, at the sun-dried pottery, at the gaudy beads of amber or of colorued glass, at the combs and ornaments curiously carved out of bone, and alt all such other relics of a remote past, has soon, in all likelihood, found himself speculating upon the nature of the people who made and used these things. The things themselves are plainly allied to the weapons and ornaments of existing savage races, and we know that the people vaguely spoken of as Ancient Britons, to whom these articles are attributed, were themselves allied to such races by a community of custom. They wore little or no clothing, they tattooed their bodies and faces, they painted themselves blue or green, and some tribes smeared themselves over with iron ore; some of them are stated to have been cannibals: could all such resemblances have existed if the races themselves, however far separated now, had not all belonged to a common stock? Can there be community of custom, apparent in most minute details, without there being community of blood?
David Mac Ritchie Book UK Ancient & Modern Britons Volume 2 978-1930097872
David Mac Ritchie Ancient & Modern Britons Volume 2 £ 21.99
This 2 volume work of Scottish Historian David Mac Ritchie, 1851-1925, first published in 1884 and long out of print, its impact will have as profound an impact as Gerald Massey and Godfey Higgins. Whoever has gone into one of our Antiquarian Museums, and glanced with some curiosity, and perhaps with growing interest, at the withered fragments of canoes, preserved from total decay by the peat out of which they were dug, at the stone heads of weapons whose handles have rotted long ago, at the flint knives and arrow-heads, at the sun-dried pottery, at the gaudy beads of amber or of colorued glass, at the combs and ornaments curiously carved out of bone, and alt all such other relics of a remote past, has soon, in all likelihood, found himself speculating upon the nature of the people who made and used these things. The things themselves are plainly allied to the weapons and ornaments of existing savage races, and we know that the people vaguely spoken of as Ancient Britons, to whom these articles are attributed, were themselves allied to such races by a community of custom. They wore little or no clothing, they tattooed their bodies and faces, they painted themselves blue or green, and some tribes smeared themselves over with iron ore; some of them are stated to have been cannibals: could all such resemblances have existed if the races themselves, however far separated now, had not all belonged to a common stock? Can there be community of custom, apparent in most minute details, without there being community of blood?
Dr Muata Ashby Book UK Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead 9-781884564529
Dr Muata Ashby Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead £ 19.99
I Know myself, I know myself, I am One With God -From the Pert Em Heru "The Ru Pert em Heru" or "Ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead," or "Book of Coming Forth By Day" as it is more popularly known, has fascinated the world since the successful translation of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic scripture over 150 years ago. The astonishing writings in it reveal that the Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death and in an ultimate destiny to discover the Divine. The elegance and aesthetic beauty of the hieroglyphic text itself has inspired many see it as an art form in and of itself. But is there more to it than that? Did the Ancient Egyptian wisdom contain more than just aphorisms and hopes of eternal life beyond death? In this volume Dr. Muata Ashby, the author of over 25 books on Ancient Egyptian Yoga Philosophy has produced a new translation of the original texts which uncovers a mystical teaching underlying the sayings and rituals instituted by the Ancient Egyptian Sages and Saints. "Once the philosophy of Ancient Egypt is understood as a mystical tradition instead of as a religion or primitive mythology, it reveals its secrets which if practiced today will lead anyone to discover the glory of spiritual self-discovery. The Pert em Heru is in every way comparable to the Indian Upanishads or the Tibetan Book of the Dead."
Rosalie F And F Baker EBOOK Ancient Egyptians People of the Pyramids EBOOK B000WLYJUO
Rosalie F And F Baker Ancient Egyptians People of the Pyramids EBOOK £ 3.99
The ultimate who's who of ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptians is an engaging look at the ancient world through its important leaders. Included are biographies of: The magnificent Imhotep, who set the standard for pyramid-building Nefertiti, the renowned beauty Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid Hatshepsut, a woman pharaoh who defied tradition and called herself "king" Tutankhamun, whose tomb unveiled fantastic riches Rameses the Great, the last majestic king of ancient Egypt Ptahhotep, the great thinker and statesman for King Izezi Ancient Egyptians reveals how Egyptian society was constructed, its religions, burial rituals, architecture, and the history and practices of archaeology that have brought all this information to light.
Philip Koslow Young Adults Book UK Ancient Ghana 9780791029411
Philip Koslow Ancient Ghana £ 7.99
Discusses the settlement of West Africa, the spread of Islam, the establishment of the gold trade, and the rise, civilization, and fall of the Soninke states known as Ghana Suitable for ages 7+.The first great kingdom of West Africa, ancient Ghana played a commanding role in world affairs from the 8th to the 12th centuries by exercising a clever monopoly over the gold trade. Muslim traders who voyaged across the Sahara desert on camels were received in Kumbi Saleh, the capital city of the empire, by princes with golden swords and gold woven into their hair. The legendary wealth and power of ancient Ghana were never forgotten, and in 1957, the modern country of Ghana adopted the name of its predecessor when it became the first independent nation in 20th-century Africa.
Alfred Butler Book UK Arab Invasion Of Egypt 978-1881316060
Alfred Butler Arab Invasion Of Egypt £ 24.99
How did this religion reach Africa? And at what cost was this new found religion to Africa? Africans converted to Islam in Africa and those abroad have at last begun to lose some of their romanticism about the Arabs and Islam and are now asking some pertinent questions about this religion and it's original propagators that they should have asked long ago. Alfred J, Butler's book, The Arab Conquest of Egypt, and the Last Thirty Years of the Roman Dominion, first published in 1902, continues to stand the test of time, as it is being republished at this time. Review - "An excellent academic, yet easy to read, recite of a very dramatic period and events that the world is still affected by 600 years later. This book really helps to explain some of why things are happening in Egypt and when the tide of history changed". Published December 1st 1998. 563 pages.
J.A. Rogers Book UK As Nature Leads 978-0-933121-15-7
J.A. Rogers As Nature Leads £ 39.99
As Nature Leads, an early work by J.A. Rogers (1883-1966), was originally published in a limited edition in 1919 as a sequel to his first book, From Superman to Man. Within a short time, As Nature Leads became obscure and until now could only be found in a few public libraries and even fewer private collections. Born in Jamaica, Rogers became a naturalized American citizen in 1917. As a youth, he received little formal education; he was largely self-educated. His life as a journalist, historian, and publisher is made more significant by this fact. In As Nature Leads, Rogers focuses on the seldom discussed topic of Black "blood" in the White race. Through a series of letters and conversations, between two friends, Rogers crates a forum to discuss Black/White intermixture in ancient and modern times. He also discusses the impact this intermixture has had on human history. Rogers believed the notion of White racist thought rested on a fragile conception of a "pure" White race. Protracted study of Black and European history led Rogers to the controversial conclusion that constant sexual contact between Blacks and Whites rendered the belief in a "pure" White race meaningless. By exposing the extensive intermixture and intermarriage of Blacks and Whites, Rogers was attaching White racist thought at its roots. As Nature Leads was the first of several works Rogers would devote to this still delicate topic. His three-volume study Sex and Race and another single volume published later, Nature Knows No Color Line were also devoted to this subject. Typical of woks by Rogers, As Nature Leads is full of little known facts about the Black past; every page is a history lesson. Its republication verifies that as early as 1919 Rogers distinguished himself as the historian of whom W.E.B. DuBois would write, "…no man living has revealed as many important facts about the Negro race as has Rogers." Readers who are familiar with Rogers will welcome As Nature Leads to their collection. First time readers of Rogers will find this work to be a pleasant introduction. 207 pages.