Axsal Johnson Book UK 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro 9780993085970
Axsal Johnson 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro £ 10.00
With Complete Proof: The 2017 Edition - Celebrating Black Excellence A Tribute To J. A. Rogers Think back to your time in the classroom, what can you remember being taught about your African origins? Besides the period of slavery, the struggles of the civil rights sixties and range of inventions innovations and breakthroughs of the 19th and 20th century, not much right. It’s no secret, nor has it been for some two thousand years Black African people have been around since what many would call the dawn of time. It was the children of Africa that began civilising the world introducing them to the liberal arts like reading, writing, mathematics, medicine, advanced agriculture and stone masonry to name a few. Africa through the middle ages just like the ancient times was the academic headquarters of the world, the home of spirituality, the continent was where the blueprint for modern day society was created. Sadly, the assignation of self-worth was completed through the barbaric Maafa (African holocaust/ transatlantic slave trade) John Henrik Clarke said: “Slavery ended and left its false images of Black people intact.” Systemic institutionalised racism ensures the perpetuation of these false images mainly through the entertainment & media platforms but most damagingly through the education & academic systems. Jamaican born Journalist & Historian, Joel Augustus Rogers, whose numerous works and contributions to the international black community are mostly unknown today understood the importance of highlighting the triumphs of black African excellence. In 1934 he released his version of this title as a crash course to Black African history, to uplift and empower people with less access to information than we do today who faced lynchings and social beratement for succeeding. 2017’s edition was produced to remind the world of J. A. Rogers. On top of that, to combat to the global white supremacist power structure by helping to cement in the minds of all Black African people worldwide that they’re the original standard of excellence. Published 12 Dec 2017. 124 pages.
Na'Im Akbar Book UK Know Thyself 9780935257069
Na'Im Akbar Know Thyself £ 15.99
How wonderful it is to taught by a free teacher, a spiritual teacher, a member of our family who truly loves the family, an architect of transforming processes, a defender of African people, a beacon, a Son of Africa, a divine spirit manifesting our creative genius. Thousands of thousands of people know Dr. Na'im Akbar as a special treasure. This book is another important gift from him to us. It is our responsibility to study these thoughts, carefully. To follow these teachings is to guarantee our liberation and to guide us toward our destiny. From forward by Asa G. Hilliard, III, Calloway Professor of Education at Georgia State University, Atlanta.
J.A. Rogers Book 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro: With Complete Proof
J.A. Rogers 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro £ 6.99
With Complete Proof - A Short Cut to The World History of The Negro J.A. Rogers devoted over fifty years of his life to his research. He had not only looked at world history but also at the history of people of African origin, and has show how their history is an inseparable part of the history of mankind. First published in 1934 and revised in 1962, this book gathers journalist and historian Joel Augustus Rogers' columns from the syndicated newspaper feature titled Your History. Patterned after the look of Ripley's popular Believe It or Not the multiple vignettes in each episode recount short items from Rogers's research. The feature began in the Pittsburgh Courier in November 1934 and ran through the 1960s. Review - "I really liked this. Or rather, I liked J.A. Rogers' insistent energy to be believed in this tiny book. Rogers lists all sorts of African accomplishments and deeds and categorizes them in lists such as Ancient Civilizations, Sex, Religion, Rulers, Slavery, etc. A lot of this information not included in your typical mainstream lesson. And apparently Rogers traveled all over Europe to gather this info from different museums and libraries, so I'll definitely want to check out his other works". Published May 1st 1995. 72 pages.
Joy A Degruy Book UK Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing 9780985217273
Joy A Degruy Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy... £ 15.99
The 16th century saw the beginning of African enslavement in the Americas until the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment and emancipation in 1865, Africans were hunted like animals, captured, sold, tortured, and raped. They experienced the worst kind of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse. Given such history, isn't it likely that many of the enslaved were severely traumatized? And did the trauma and the effects of such terrible abuse end with the abolition of slavery? Emancipation was followed by one hundred more years of institutionalised subjugation through the enactment of Black Codes and Jim Crow laws, peonage, convict leasing, domestic terrorism and lynching. Today the violations continue, and when combined with the crimes of the past, they result in yet immeasurable damage. What do repeated traumas that several generations of people endured produce? What impact have these ordeals had on African Americans today? Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome helps to lay the necessary foundation to ensure the well-being and sustained health of future generations and provides a rare glimpse into the evolution of society's beliefs, feelings, attitudes and behaviour concerning race in America. Review: "Are you ready to understand the Psychological trauma created by 400 years of slavery? If you answered yes then Dr Leary’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing is a must read. This book is an analytical journey of the horrifying effects of chattel slavery, lynching, Jim Crow laws, racism and all the other oppressive methods used against African-Americans for decades upon their psyche. Dr. Leary methodically lay’s out of how the lifestyles of African Americans today was influenced by their ancestors. She takes the reader through the process of diagnosing the various illnesses plaguing the African-American community by clearly defining and discussing the major categories of afflictions and providing one real life examples after another provoking feelings of recognition." 252 pages
Ivan Van Sertima Book UK They Came Before Columbus 978-0812968170
Ivan Van Sertima They Came Before Columbus £ 14.99
They Came Before Columbus shows us a dramatic, thought-provoking, and incredibly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in ancient America. In They Came Before Columbus, we see clearly the unmistakable black Africans in pre-Columbian America, and their overwhelming impact on the civilisations they came into contact with. Examining navigation and shipbuilding; cultural analogies between Native Americans and Africans; the transportation of plants, animals, and textiles between the continents; and the written and griot accounts of the explorers themselves, Ivan Van Sertima builds a mountain of evidence to support his claim of an African presence in the New World centuries before Columbus. Van Sertima remakes some of the most powerful scenes of human history with his gift of storytelling: the launching of the great ships of Mali in 1310, the sea expedition of the Mandingo king in 1311 and many others. Published September 23rd 2003. 336 Pages.
Dr. Francis Cress Welsing Book UK The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors 9780976531708
Dr. Francis Cress Welsing The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors £ 29.99
A collection of 25 essays examining the neuroses of white supremacy. During the course of the struggle of African people against European racism, brutality and domination, many innovative thinkers have risen from our ranks. The greatest and most courageous scholars have devoted their lives to the pursuit of an explanation for the virtually inherent animosity most white people appear to have toward people of colour. Unlike her predecessors, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a brilliant, Washington, DC psychiatrist has rejected conventional notions about the origin and perpetuation of racism. 310 pages First Published 21st October 1994
Amos N. Wilson Book UK Awakening The Natural Genius Of Black Children 978-1879164017
Amos N. Wilson Awakening The Natural Genius Of Black Children £ 29.99
Afrikan children are naturally precious and gifted. They begin life with a "natural head start." However, their natural genius is too frequently underdeveloped and misdirected by; 1. The fact that the racist and imperialist status quo politically mandates their intellectual under-achievement and social mal-adaptiveness. 2. Belief in the myth that intelligence is fixed at birth and that Afrikans are innately less intelligent than Europeans. 3. A lack of knowledge of their positively unique developmental psychology. 4. A lack of confidence in their ability to equal or surpass the intellectual performance of any other ethnic group. 5. The general lack of infant and early childhood educational experiences which stimulate, sustain and actualise their abundant human potential. Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children provides effective means by which these political and social maladies may be fully remedied. Intelligence is not fixed at birth. The quality of children's education experiences during infancy and early childhood are substantially related to their measured intelligence, academic achievement and prosocial behaviour. Review - "In this volume, Amos N. Wilson, author of the bestseller, The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, surveys the daily routines, child-rearing practices, parent-child interactions, games and play materials, parent-training and pre-school programs which have made demonstrably outstanding and lasting differences in the intellectual, academic and social performance of Black children. Parents, professionals, para-professional and interested lay-persons will no doubt benefit immensely from reading this timely review and by putting into practice its numerous helpful recommendations, following-up its up-to-date references and suggested reading list. For persons or organizations who have been looking for a practical guide to bring out the best in Afrikan American children, Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children is a "must read." Published December 1st 1992. 130 pages.
Anthony T. Browder Book UK Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization 978-0924944055
Anthony T. Browder Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization £ 19.99
Tony Browder's book, Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization, is about correcting some of these misconceptions so the reader, in fact, can be introduced to a Nile Valley Civilizations in order to understand its role as the parent of future civilizations
Carter G. Woodson Book UK The Mis-Education of the Negro 978-1574781267
Carter G. Woodson The Mis-Education of the Negro £ 13.99
The Mis-Education of the Negro is one of the most important books on education ever written. The oppressor has always indoctrinated the weak with his interpretation of the crimes of the strong. Considered Woodson's seminal work, this text explores his thesis that African Americans were being culturally indoctrinated, rather than taught, in American schools. He asserts that this conditioning caused African-Americans to become dependent and to seek out inferior places in the greater society of which they were a part. Woodson skillfully exposes the weaknesses of Euro-centric based curriculums that failed to include African American history and culture. Review - "A great historical document and extremely important to those in education who are concerned with racial injustice. A powerful read--unfortunately, so many of his observations regarding white hegemony and the systematic subjugation of African Americans remain true today. Woodson is clear is his critique and makes so many excellent points that I was highlighting a sentence almost every other page. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in human rights, social justice, racial equality and education". Published November 1st 2006. 215 pages.
Molfe Kete Asante EBOOK Encyclopedia Of Black Studies EBOOK 978-0761927624
Molfe Kete Asante Encyclopedia Of Black Studies EBOOK £ 3.99
The Encyclopedia of Black Studies is the leading reference source for dynamic and innovative research on the Black experience. The concept for the encyclopedia was developed from the successful Journal of Black Studies (SAGE) and contains a full analysis of the economic, political, sociological, historical, literary, and philosophical issues related to Americans of African descent. This single-volume reference is the vanguard of the recent explosive growth in quality scholarship in the field. More than a chronicle of black culture or black people, this encyclopedia deals with the emergence and maturity of an intellectual field over the past four decades. Beginning with the protests at San Francisco State College in 1967 that led to the first degree-granting department of Black Studies, the field′s rapid growth over time necessitates an authoritative account of the discipline.
Indus Khamit Kush Book UK What They Never Told You In History Class Volume One 978-1886433236
Indus Khamit Kush What They Never Told You In History Class Volum... £ 16.99
This new, two-volume edition of "What They Never Told You In History Class" is the first major revision in over fifteen years. It is important that Africans in the Diaspora know their ancestors story from the perspective that they are their ancestors. It contains a wealth of new information that has never been included in any previous edition. It has now been divided into two volumes. Review - "This is not your average history book. This book dispels many myths we have heard (or been told) regarding the black race and our cement in world history. Learn about the real first black president (nope not Obama), and what some of our storied political leaders have said about the black race legacy and future etc. It is a very good resource of information for mankind, particularly those of African heritage". Published April 1st 2000. 314 pages.
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK Cultural Genocide in the Black and African Studies Curriculum 978-1574780222
Yosef ben-Jochannan Cultural Genocide in the Black and African Stud... £ 11.99
Greatness From Dr. Ben! The 1970s's saw the rise and emergence of the much needed Black and African Studies programs, the question of who has the right and responsibility to determine course content and curriculum also emerged. And rightly so. Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan, referred to by his admirers as "Dr. Ben", was an African American writer and historian. In 1972, Dr. Ben wrote an analysis and assessment, which he published as Cultural Genocide in The Black and African Studies Curriculum. It has been republished several times since then and its topic has remained timely and unresolved. Review - "It is an honor and a privilege to read the material of one of the Masters, Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan. This book tells it like it was and like it is. I like Dr. Ben's clever and unapologetic writing style as well as the way he backs up his statements with quotes and references". Published 1972, 2004. 150 pages.
Anthony T. Browder Book UK From the Browder File 978-0924944000
Anthony T. Browder From the Browder File £ 14.99
22 Essays on the African American Experience We can be led to act in our own interest as a group if we tune into, and add to, our mental diets, the liberating thoughts that are provided for us in the From The Browder File. No person or group outside of our own is likely to see our need for a collective rebirth of consciousness.
Dr Jawanza Kunjufu Book UK Countering The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys 9780913543962
Dr Jawanza Kunjufu Countering The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys £ 19.99
4-in-1 Volume. Advice for parents, educators, community, and church members is provided in this guide for ensuring that African American boys grow up to be strong, committed, and responsible African men. This book answers such questions as Why are there more black boys in remedial and special education classes than girls? Why are more girls on the honor roll? When do African American boys see a positive black male role model? Is the future of black boys in the hands of their mothers and white female teachers? and When does a boy become a man? The significance of rite of passage activities, including mentoring, male bonding, and spirituality, are all described.
Cheikh Anta Diop Book UK Black Africa 9781556520617
Cheikh Anta Diop Black Africa £ 13.99
The Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federated State: Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federal State This expanded edition continues Diop's campaign for the political and economic unification of the nations of black Africa. It concludes with a lengthy interview with Diop.
Carter G. Woodson Book UK The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861 978-1574781342
Carter G. Woodson The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861 £ 19.99
"The accounts of the successful strivings of Negroes for enlightenment under most adverse circumstances read like beautiful romances of a people in an heroic age". The adverse circumstances to which Woodson refers occurred during the antebellum period, from the beginning of slavery to the Civil War. In this work he chronicles the educational endeavors of Africans in America during this timeframe. He does so with the hope of Ònarrating in brief how benevolent teachers of both races strove to give antebellum Negroes the education through which many of them gained freedom in its highest and best sense. The renewed interest in Carter G. Woodson's minor masterpiece, The Mis-Education of the Negro, has led to interest in his other writings of this subject. His book The Education of the Negro should be read in relationship to understanding his more known book on the subject, The Mis-Education of the Negro. --Dr. John Henrik Clarke. First published in 1919. 478 Pages.
Anthony T. Browder Book UK Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization Study Guide 9780924944055
Anthony T. Browder Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization Study... £ 14.99
Accompanying Work Book! Tony Browder's book, Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization, is about correcting some of these misconceptions so the reader, in fact, can be introduced to a Nile Valley Civilizations in order to understand its role as the parent of future civilizations.
Oba T'Shaka Book UK The Integration Trap: The Generation Gap 9781878557049
Oba T'Shaka The Integration Trap: The Generation Gap £ 44.99
Investigating and solutions for social/cultural gaps between generations. The Integration Trap: The Generation Gap is a book that defines the generation gap as the most serious internal issue facing Black communities. This book examines strategies for the healing the generation gap, and it provides the most comprehensive analysis of Twa just societies from the hunter-gatherer societies to agrarian democracies showing that the Twa or Anu people gave birth to the world’s greatest classical civilization, ancient Kemet or ancient Egypt, founded by the Anu people agrarian Twa. This book also examines African American culture, showing that it is one of only two cultures that are indigenous to the United States (the other being Native American). This book shows that African American culture is the culture that counters oppressive cultures. Hip-hop scholars, political scientists, and scholars on African American culture use this book.
Ezrah Aharone Book UK Pawned Sovereignty 9781491860229
Ezrah Aharone Pawned Sovereignty £ 19.99
Sharpened Black Perspectives on Americanization, Africa, War and Reparations "Pawned Sovereignty will be a collector's item, alongside Welsing's Isis Papers and Woodson's Mis-Education of the Negro." - Rolling Out Magazine "The themes of Ezrah Aharones political book, Pawned Sovereignty, revolve around Black America being a "free," but not a "sovereign" people. The book however does not promote a sovereign movement, but rather a sovereign consciousness and evolutionary outlooks."Since sovereignty (not civil rights) is the pinnacle of all freedoms, the book provides Black America with solutions and insightful viewpoints, based on sovereign-minded frames of reference. This approach pierces the core of mainstream body politics and leads to redefined ideals and worldviews which better serve Black/African interests. According to Aharone, "Such outlooks also help bridge the political and philosophical gap that now separates Hip Hop from the Civil Rights/Black Power generation.""A central premise of Pawned Sovereignty concerns what he calls different "Concepts of Freedom." According to Aharone, Black America's concept of freedom has historically been limited to "Civil Rights, Integration, and Citizenship." However, freedom for White America entails nothing less than "Sovereignty, Independence, and Statehood." Aharone says, "This conceptual distinction is arguably the most consequential, yet most unrecognized, source of racial disharmony and inequities. As a result, certain sociopolitical conditions that Whites would never tolerate have become normalized within the Black Experience.""Aharone surgically dissects and separates the flaws and misperceptions from the realities of American democracy, while drawing political distinctions between the character of America and the image of America. In prototype fashion, he reconfigures today's sociopolitical landscape as he expounds on 55 original topics."Among other things, Aharone asserts that whether the issue is international terrorism; domestic crime and homicides; or inadequate numbers of Blacks in government . . . the solution does not lie within America's current "Brand" of democracy. Pawned Sovereignty addresses the root causes of such issues, while offering prescriptions to remedy both the human and systemic failures of American democracy. The blueprint he outlines will undoubtedly enhance or make you rethink your worldviews.""Aharone's bold blueprint for black sovereignty sounds more like a long overdue prescription than an incendiary manifesto." - Lloyd Kam Williams, Syndicated Writer
Anthony T. Browder Book UK Egypt on the Potomac 978-0924944130
Anthony T. Browder Egypt on the Potomac £ 23.99
A unique guide to decoding Egyptian Architecture and Symbolism in Washington D.C.