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YUSALIFE Book UK The YUSA Guide To Balance: Mind Body Spirit 9780993085901
YUSALIFE The YUSA Guide To Balance: Mind Body Spirit £ 19.99
YUSA promote the highest form of abundance with our primary role on the planet being to provide the keys in order for one to unlock the shackles of self-limitation. We over-stand that it is every human beings sole birth right on the planet to be granted access to the highest truth and upmost understanding of self to enable personal growth beyond the limitations and expectations of modern society. Many are at a crossroads in life and realise that the truth lies beyond what is portrayed in society today. In an age where information is so readily communicated, it's becoming increasingly difficult to decipher truth from disinformation with the external distractions that tend to steer the mind and awareness further from the true self. Investing time into self-improvement is essential for the achievement of peace, happiness, universal awareness, success and the opening of the doors to a balanced reality. All iconic Gurus, Shaman, Buddhists or anybody with a connection to their true state would agree spiritual knowledge (knowledge of self) is again absolutely vital in order for you to achieve your dreams and desires. The primary aim of YUSA is to assist one with the life tools and guidance necessary for accelerated self-betterment which we have utilised on a personal level in order to realise internal fulfilment, self-betterment, expansion of consciousness for the highest good and achieve personal desires. Our role in providing guidance for those becoming aware of the need for change and the healing of one's self to benefit all aspects of their lives will be an active role, we are in the midst of creating a self sustaining conscious community, connecting people from all walks of life in order to share experiences, techniques and stories that can help awaken and liberate the collective consciousness.
Queen Afua Book UK Sacred Woman 9780345434869
Queen Afua Sacred Woman £ 14.99
A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit Queen Afua is a known worldwide for her herbalism, natural health expertise and dedicated healer of women's bodies and women's souls who practice a uniquely Afrocentric spirituality. Sacred Woman takes us on a transformational journey of physical and ancestral healing that will restore the brilliance of our spirits through sacred initiation. Queen Afua begins by helping us to discover our unique womb-an-ness and to honour the womb as the centre of our consciousness and creativity, as well a twenty-one-day program for womb purification and spirit rejuvenation. Then Queen Afua summons us to enter the Nine Gateways of Initiation, where she blesses us with the exact tools we need to bring our beings into true harmony with the earth and the cosmos. Through magnificent meditations, affirmations and rituals rooted in ancient Egyptian temple teachings, Queen Afua teaches us how to love and celebrate our bodies by spiritualising the words we speak; the foods we eat; the spaces we live and work in; the beauty we create in our lives; the healing energy we transmit to self and others; the relationships we nurture; the service we offer; and the transcendent woman spirit we manifest. Through love, passion and wisdom. Queen Afua leads us to accept our purpose to heal ourselves, women, their families, communities and our world with the aid of Sacred Women. Review - "If you are in search of a deeper journey regarding health - spiritual and physical, this is a great book to add to your list of must reads. Queen Afua writes from a unique perspective as she tries to teach us "wombman" how important the health and care of our wombs are. She nutures by providing us with spiritual reflections (not religion) to help us grow". Published October 30th 2001. 416 pages.
Stanley Lane-Poole Book UK The Story Of The Moors In Spain 978-0-933121-19-5-32
Stanley Lane-Poole The Story Of The Moors In Spain £ 15.99
"a chronicle of splendor and tragedy" In the introduction, John G. Jackson describes this preeminent work as "a chronicle of splendor and tragedy, and no one has told the story better than Stanley Lane-Poole." This book is a classic and was first published in 1886. It tells the story of the medieval Islamic cultures and the history of their invasion and subsequent life in Spain. Review - "It tells of what they brought to a medieval Spain, of their art, their great learning, their poetry, their refined ways, their cleanliness, while Christian Europe were still in the habit of shunning washing themselves or their clothing, of their excellent ways with agriculture, turning Southern Spain into a luxurious place of tropical plant growth and rich harvests. It also tells of the murder and plunder which both the Christians and the Muslims engaged in, of the petty jealousies and the power struggles. A real eye-opener, a valuable work for those that want to study human nature. I loved the descriptions of the Alhambra and of the gardens of Cordova. I quote: "Here is everything to delight a southern voluptuary: fruits, flowers, fragrance, green arbours and myrtle hedges, delicate air and gushing water..." and "..But its night is always perfumes, for morning pours on it her grey amber, and night her black musk." I would recommend this book to all lovers of history, and it is told in a most fascinating way". Published in 1886, 1990. 295 pages. 
Jewel Pookrum Book UK Vitamins & Minerals from A to Z (Ethno-Conscious Series) 9781617590146
Jewel Pookrum Vitamins & Minerals from A to Z (Ethno-Consciou... £ 12.99
Complete wholistic course on how to use vitamins and minerals! This manual will also provides you with the knowledge on how each vitamin and mineral discussed can be identified in foods. This book explains, in detail is the ethnicity of races, especially the melanin-dominant race and how minerals and vitamins are applicable to the majority of this population on the planet Earth. Review: "This book is a must have for every melanin-dominant person. There are some serious jewels in this book that will help you better arm yourself and protect your health in a medical system designed for melanin-recessive people. This book discusses genetic differences and norms that must be acknowledged. It also discusses vitamins and minerals that are essential to the healthy development of melanin-dominant beings as well as the various sources of these vitamins and minerals. I highly recommend this book to every healthcare professional interested in providing their patients the best individualized care possible as opposed to the one size fits all standard that currently exists in most institutions. I also recommend this book for every melanin-dominant man and woman as an essential guide for superior health and nutrition." Published March 28th 2000. 160 pages.
Queen Afua Book UK Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity 978-1617590399
Queen Afua Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity £ 21.99
This is a call to the United Nations, to the communities of the world. This is a call to our leaders - political, spiritual, educational, business and artistic - who have an even greater responsibility to purify, lest the people be led to mass destruction. Queen Afua is an initiate of the shrine of Ptah and Chief Priestess of Purification in the temple of Neb-Het, an ancient Afrakan Order. She is also a Khamitic (Egyptian) priestess, yoga teacher, herbalist, holistic health specialist, natural healer and midwife. Review - "Queen Afua explains how all people ‚ÄĒ especially those on a ‚Äúwestern diet‚ÄĚ have food addictions that contribute to 90% of our ailments. This book tells of her personal triumph and the triumphs of many others in healing through a clean diet. After reading this book, the reader will understand how diets including sugar, salt, meats, and processed food contribute to diminished health and illness. The reader will also have a step-by-step solution to ridding themselves of many common ailments associated with poor nutrition and a body not functioning at optimal levels. Excellent book for those looking to reclaim their health and live a more fulfilling life." First published 1st January 1991. 279 pages.
John Henrik Clarke Book UK Christopher Columbus And The Afrikan Holocaust 978-1617590306
John Henrik Clarke Christopher Columbus And The Afrikan Holocaust £ 31.99
'the greatest single crime in the world' Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: ‚ÄúThe Middle Passage. Our Holocaust. It is our holocaust because this is a holocaust that started 500 years ago and it is not over. We do not start our count at 6 million, we start counting at 60 million, and we have just began to count. Not to take anything from the German and the European Holocaust. Whether the number was 6 or 60 million, even if it was wrong. But it was a problem started in Europe by Europeans that should have been resolved in Europe and Europeans. There can be no comparisons between this tragedy and our tragedy which was the greatest crime in the history of the world. why haven‚Äôt we memorialized our dead? It was almost like the crime of not burying them. This system has its roots in the Columbus Era and produced European world domination,¬†Dr. John Henrik Clarke In Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust, provides an overall analysis of a period of history that has been systematically falsified and hidden from the serious scrutiny of African-centred scholars and researchers and other committed individuals. Clarke¬†highlights the¬†¬†concepts that are keys to unveiling that truth about African history and destroying the ‚ÄúBig Lies‚ÄĚ about white supremacy. Dr. Clarke challenges the traditional views of African Civilizations and its strength and weaknesses before the enslavement and colonialism periods. The Eurocentric view of Columbus as a ‚Äúdiscovered‚ÄĚ and states that he set in motion the genocidal process and renewed western racism, is greatly challenged. Professor Clarke points out that Columbus set in motion, political forces that established a global system of exploitation. Review - ‚ÄúENLIGHTENING! INFORMATIVE! EMPOWERING! EVERYTHING A HISTORY BOOK SHOULD BE. I now understand why Dr. Clarke is mandatory reading for any person of African descent engaging in heritage learning. Dr. Clarke has examined this colossal dehumanizing of a people with minute detail, step by step and his chronicles reveal that the African Holocaust was 'the greatest single crime in the world' committed against a people. Nothing else can match this genocide and destruction.‚Ä̬† Published August 14th 2000. 131 pages.
Robin Walker Book UK When We Ruled 9781580730457
Robin Walker When We Ruled £ 35.99
The Ancient and Mediaeval History of Black Civilisations In twenty two chapters, When We Ruled examines the nature of what we call Black history; critically surveying the often-shoddy documentation of that history. Importantly, it focuses upon African civilization in the Valley of the Nile and analyzes the key historical phases of Ancient Egypt--critical exercises for any professed scholar of African history and vital pieces of Africa's legacy When we Ruled is a timely and immensely important work of benefit to scholars and students alike. I am proud to add it to my library, from the Introduction--Runoko Rashidi
Joy A Degruy Book UK Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing 9780985217273
Joy A Degruy Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy... £ 15.99
The 16th century saw the beginning of African enslavement in the Americas until the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment and emancipation in 1865, Africans were hunted like animals, captured, sold, tortured, and raped. They experienced the worst kind of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse. Given such history, isn't it likely that many of the enslaved were severely traumatized? And did the trauma and the effects of such terrible abuse end with the abolition of slavery? Emancipation was followed by one hundred more years of institutionalised subjugation through the enactment of Black Codes and Jim Crow laws, peonage, convict leasing, domestic terrorism and lynching. Today the violations continue, and when combined with the crimes of the past, they result in yet immeasurable damage. What do repeated traumas that several generations of people endured produce? What impact have these ordeals had on African Americans today? Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome helps to lay the necessary foundation to ensure the well-being and sustained health of future generations and provides a rare glimpse into the evolution of society's beliefs, feelings, attitudes and behaviour concerning race in America. Review:¬†"Are you ready to understand the Psychological trauma created by 400 years of slavery? If you answered yes then Dr Leary‚Äôs Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome ‚Äď America‚Äôs Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing is a must read. This book is an analytical journey of the horrifying effects of chattel slavery, lynching, Jim Crow laws, racism and all the other oppressive methods used against African-Americans for decades upon their psyche. Dr. Leary methodically lay‚Äôs out of how the lifestyles of African Americans today was influenced by their ancestors. She takes the reader through the process of diagnosing the various illnesses plaguing the African-American community by clearly defining and discussing the major categories of afflictions and providing one real life examples after another provoking feelings of recognition." 252 pages
E. A. Wallis Budge Book UK The Egyptian Book Of The Dead 9781617590412
E. A. Wallis Budge The Egyptian Book Of The Dead £ 19.99
"The Book of Coming Forth by Day." Throughout its history, the influence of the Book of the Dead has been considerable, particularly as it was translated by the well-known Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge in 1899. The true title of this work should be, "The Book of Coming Forth by Day." It's purpose was to provide the dead pharaoh with the knowledge necessary to navigate the world of the dead so that he may be able to take his place on the great solar barge.  This is a beautiful book - a large-format facsimile reproduction of the Papyrus of Ani in large color images with translation of the hieroglyphs beneath. The pictures comprising the bulk of the book are not of the Papyrus itself, held captive in the British National Museum; rather it is a reproduction of a carefully-made imitation of the original. The translation is readable and there are several useful essays and commentaries written by competent egyptologists. Review - "The Papyrus of Ani from the XXVII Dynasty (1500-1400 BC) is one of the earliest, most completed, and most beautifully illuminated exemplars of papyri known as a " Book of the Dead", or guide to the Egyptian After Life. As such it has received scrupulous attention by scholars and Egyptologists to ensure, as much as possible, an accurate translation and scholarly interpretation of the this most important primary historical document. I strongly urge all readers with a general interest in the history of the world of the Ancients and in particular those with an interest in Ancient Egypt to read this text". Published June 1st 1967. 377 pages.
Dr Muata Ashby Book UK Egyptian Yoga Volume 1: The Philosophy of Enlightenment 978-1884564017
Dr Muata Ashby Egyptian Yoga Volume 1: The Philosophy of Enlig... £ 19.99
An original, fully illustrated work, including hieroglyphs, detailing the meaning of the Egyptian mysteries, tantric yoga, psycho-spiritual and physical exercises. Egyptian Yoga is a guide to the practice of the highest spiritual philosophy which leads to absolute freedom from human misery and to immortality. It is well known by scholars that Egyptian philosophy is the basis of Western and Middle Eastern religious philosophies such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, the Kabala, and Greek philosophy, but what about Indian philosophy, Yoga and Taoism? What were the original teachings? How can they be practiced today? What is the source of pain and suffering in the world and what is the solution? Discover the deepest mysteries of the mind and universe within and outside of your self. Reginald Muata Ashby holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Religion. He is an independent reseacher and practitioner of Egyptian, Indian and Chinese Yoga and studied Yoga under the supervision of Spiritual masters for over four years. Muata is also the author of Egyptian Proverbs. 244 pages 2nd Edition Published 10th October 2005
John G. Jackson Book UK Christianity Before Christ 9780910309202
John G. Jackson Christianity Before Christ £ 16.99
John G. Jackson was an educator, lecturer, author, and man of principle. Nothing is new or original in Christianity. That is the important thesis demonstrated in Christianity Before Christ. The least important features, as well as the most important components, were all well developed in cultures that flourished before the time that Christ is alleged to have walked the parched paths of Roman Palestine. Review - "The information presented in this book is absolutely crucial if Atheists and other free thinkers are to understand the nature of the beast that threatens not only their liberties and rights as citizens in a secular republic, but also threatens to return world civilization itself back to the prescientific levels of the ancient cultures from which Christianity derived all its odd details. Every Atheist needs to know what is in this book"!
Ra Un Nefer Amen Book UK Metu Neter Volume 1 9781877662034
Ra Un Nefer Amen Metu Neter Volume 1 £ 39.99
Metu Neter, Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation. The oracles of Ancient Black Civilizations aimed to guide individuals and nations in all areas of life. Through them it was possible to discover the spiritual cause and meaning to earthly events. These great oracles prescribed the words of power and other occult forces that can be manipulated by the initiate in order to control the events of his life. 436 page Published 1st July 1990
Walter Rodney Book UK How Europe Underdeveloped Africa 9781788731188
Walter Rodney How Europe Underdeveloped Africa £ 21.99
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is a 1972 book written by Walter Rodney that breaks down how Africa was deliberately exploited and underdeveloped by European colonial regimes. Rodney explains that both power politics and economic exploitation of Africa by Europeans led to the poor state of African political and economic development evident in the late 20th century.  This book is one of the most acclaimed books written in the 20th century about African development and post-colonial theory alongside Frantz Fanon, The Wretched Of The Earth. 416 pages Published 23rd October 2018
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK African Origins of the Major Western Religions 9780933121294
Yosef ben-Jochannan African Origins of the Major Western Religions £ 34.99
African Origins of the Major "Western Religions" first published in 1970, continues to be one of Dr. Ben's most thought-provoking works. Yosef A.A. (Alfredo Antonio) ben-Jochannan (1918-2015) was an Ethiopian-born historian specializing in Africa, and was affectionately known simply as ‚ÄėDr. Ben‚Äô to his students and readers.Dr. Ben critically examines the history, beliefs, and myths that are the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Published 1970, 1991. 363 pages
David Imhotep Ph.D Book UK The First Americans Were Africans 978-1737074519
David Imhotep Ph.D The First Americans Were Africans £ 43.99
Expanded and Revised (Color Edition)  Written by a brilliant African American scholar, David Imhotep, who holds a Ph.D. Of course, Dr. Imhotep is not the first person to draw attention to the African presence in the Americas before Columbus. Dr. Imhotep’s thesis is by far the most revolutionary viewpoint ever published on this subject. After colossal Negroid stone heads were first excavated in Mexico in the 1860s, several Latin American scholars began to speculate that Africans had sailed to the New World in ancient times. Unlike his predecessors he does not claim that Africans simply sailed to the Americas before Columbus and influenced the native Americans who resided in the New World. He states, instead, that the Native Americans themselves were Black Africans who first reached the New World at least 130,000 years ago. Citing skulls and skeletons, footprints in lava, campsites, genetic markers, linguistics, paintings, carvings, architecture and Egyptian writing, artifacts and structures.
Colin Chasi Book Ubuntu For Warriors
Colin Chasi Ubuntu For Warriors £ 23.99
Colin Chasi‚Äôs riveting book overturns commonly held epistemological premises of the philosophy of ubuntu. Chasi goes further to uncover and position ubuntu as a resource for counter hegemonic struggles. It is a must read not only for all those interested in taking African philosophy but also and especially for all those warriors involved in moving African epistemologies to the centre. ‚ÄĒWinston Mano, Reader/Director, Africa Media Centre, University of Westminster Since the birth of democracy in South Africa, the concept of Ubuntu has helped cohere a new sense of citizenship and social responsibility. Chasi brings his unique perspective to this forensic analysis of the moral philosophy of Ubuntu and redefines what it means to be a warrior for social justice and change. ‚ÄĒSimon Adams, Executive Director, Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Colin Chasi‚Äôs Ubuntu for Warriors is a bold and innovative contribution to our theoretical imagination of humanism in the discourse of ubuntu. It convincingly argues that the virtue of courage necessary in contexts of war and political struggle is an essential aspect of what it means to be human, which aspect the literature on ubuntu has largely overlooked. ‚ÄĒMotsamai Molefe, Senior Researcher, Centre for Leadership Ethics in Africa, University of Fort Hare. Chasi‚Äôs theoretical re-working of ubuntu is tested against the complex and varied profiles of five African historical figures who are all seen as warriors: Shaka, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and Kenneth Kaunda. The main contribution of the book, thus, is to rescue ubuntu from the one-dimensional philosophical strait-jacket long imposed on it in normative readings. ‚ÄĒNyasha Mboti, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Colin Chasi is a philosopher of communication, which he regards to be a mode of being. His critical and appreciative work is from the vantage of what he terms Participation Studies‚ÄĒa perspective that derives from the moral philosophy of ubuntu. He is Director, Unit for Institutional Change and Social Justice, University of the Free State.
Queen Afua Book UK The City of Wellness 9781602810341
Queen Afua The City of Wellness from £ 24.99
Restoring Your Health Through The Seven Kitchens of Consciousness Book The City of Wellness, brings together Queen Afua's method of healing yourself through diet and nutrition. Restoring Your Health Through the Seven Kitchens of Consciousness, educates readers on bridging the relationship between their food-lifestyle and their wellness. A step by step method of elevating your health through giving up flesh and increasing fresh raw foods for increased wellness, and healing of actual health problems such as hypertension and obesity. Not a typical diet book, rather a lifestyle change. Endorsing foods that increase the vibrational frequency that leads to optimal health, herbal and specific food groups are discussed. She reminds us that historically, African Americans had limited access to doctors and other healthcare providers. Midwives and other "root healers" were all that blacks had from Africa through slavery up until the past 40-50 years. In some locales of the South and Carribean, "root healers" continue to heal with foods and herbs. Today this life threatening health crisis is spreading through the African American community like a twenty-first century black plague. Review - "This book has my attention its great if your in the process of healing oneself inside and out. If your on the path of eating right, meditation and self healing the mind or if you have read this Author other books this is a great edition". Published September 9th 2009. 398 pages.
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK Black Man of the Nile 978-0933121263
Yosef ben-Jochannan Black Man of the Nile £ 27.99
In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose "Europeanised" African history. Black Man of the Nile and His Family, first published in 1972, is Dr. Ben’s best known work. It captures much of the substance of his early research on ancient Africa. In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose the typical African History we are taught today.  Review - "A historical review of the Nile valley civilisation, its roots and its extent. Starting from "pre-history" Ben Joachannan explores the etymology of what later became one of the first outstanding civilisation on earth right up until the total collapse of Egypt after it was taken over by the Romans.Ben Jochannan dispels the mysteries and lies perpetuated by the 19th to 21st-century European scholars through facts and real logical proofs. a brilliant book to be read by all Afrikan people". Published 1972, 1989. 381 pages.
Tony Martin Book UK Race First 978-0912469232
Tony Martin Race First £ 29.99
Dr. Tony Martin is Emeritus Professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College. He taught earlier at the University of Michigan-Flint. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, Brandeis University, Brown University and The Colorado College. A classic study of the Garvey movement, this is the most thoroughly researched book on Garvey's ideas by historian of black nationalism, Dr. Tony Martin. He spent a year as an honorary research fellow at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad. Professor Martin has authored, compiled or edited 14 books including Caribbean History: From Pre-Colonial Origins to the Present (2012) published by Pearson. Review -"One of my all time favs. Every time I read it I get pulled in. It gives so much color to this epic time and shows the inside story of how Mr. Garvey created the most substantial, largest movement of Black people in modern history. But the white supremacist system was too much, and managed to subsequently erase the memory of it. It's an important story because that system has not been diminished. Much respect to Brother Tony, a great researcher and story teller, now with the Ancestors". Published September 1st 1986. 421 pages.  
Ivan Van Sertima Book UK They Came Before Columbus 978-0812968170
Ivan Van Sertima They Came Before Columbus £ 14.99
They Came Before Columbus shows us a dramatic, thought-provoking, and incredibly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in ancient America. In They Came Before Columbus, we see clearly the unmistakable black Africans in pre-Columbian America, and their overwhelming impact on the civilisations they came into contact with. Examining navigation and shipbuilding; cultural analogies between Native Americans and Africans; the transportation of plants, animals, and textiles between the continents; and the written and griot accounts of the explorers themselves, Ivan Van Sertima builds a mountain of evidence to support his claim of an African presence in the New World centuries before Columbus. Van Sertima remakes some of the most powerful scenes of human history with his gift of storytelling: the launching of the great ships of Mali in 1310, the sea expedition of the Mandingo king in 1311 and many others. Published September 23rd 2003. 336 Pages.
Cain Hope Felder Book UK Original African Heritage Study Bible King James Version 978-0817015121
Cain Hope Felder Original African Heritage Study Bible King Jame... £ 49.99
The purpose of The Original African Heritage Study Bible is to interpret the Bible as it relates specifically to persons of African descent and thereby to foster an appreciation of the multiculturalism inherent in the Bible.After selling over a million copies, The Original African Heritage Study Bible went out of print when its publisher closed its doors. Judson Press is pleased to announce it has secured the rights to once again publish this best-selling Bible.The Original African Heritage Study Bible offers many unique features which reveal the African/Edenic contribution to Judaism and Christianity, including: Highlighted verses about Africa and Biblical characters of African descent 48 pages of reference to African/Edenic persons, places and events Art reproductions taken from the Mafa tribe collection of Cameroon, Africa Full-color maps showing where important African/Edenic events and places mentioned in the Bible occurred in the Ancient World 101 favorite Bible verses from people of the African Diaspora Specially selected articles by recognized Biblical scholars, including Biblical Hermeneutics in Africentric Perspective from J. Deotis Roberts book Africentric Christianity Words and music to famous slave songs Readers will also appreciate the large print format, critical introductions to each book of the Bible, and the words of Christ printed in red.
Horace Campbell Book Rasta and Resistance
Horace Campbell Rasta and Resistance £ 19.99
From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney Rasta and Resistance is a study of the Rastafarian Movement in all its manifestations, from its evolution in the hills of Jamaica to its present manifestations in the streets of Birmingham and the Shashamane Settlement in Ethiopia. It traces the cultural, political and spiritual sources of this movement of resistance, highlighting the quest for change among an oppressed people. This book serves to break the intellectual traditions which placed the stamp of millenarianism on Rasta. "Absence of a political enquiry into the Rastafari of the Caribbean has always been an uncomfortable gap in the record of the Caribbean revolution. Now Horace Campbell has bade a big step towards the filling of that gap. This is not to suggest that Caribbean writers and thinkers (we should not confuse the two groups) have not done much investigation of the Rastafari way of life with all the clarity and depth which their areas of investigation permitted them; some have also ventured into the political dominion. Campbell has many of the qualifications for the task he has undertaken. He has been struggling for some years to apply the scientific theory of society to the reality of African and Caribbean politics, and in the process has avoided the creation of false gods." -Eusi Kwayana ABOUT THE AUTHOR Horace Campbell was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1945. He is a writer, teacher and political activist who has taught in Africa, the Caribbean, Britain, and North America. His writings include two books: Four Essays on Neo-colonialism in Uganda and Pan-Africanism: The Struggle Against Neo-colonialism and Imperialism as well as numerous articles, papers and essays which have been published in various journals in Britain, North America, the Caribbean and Africa. Since 1981, he has been teaching at the University of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, East Africa.
Nur Ankh Amen Book UK The Ankh 9781617590405
Nur Ankh Amen The Ankh £ 13.99
African Origin Of Electromagnetism  The Ankh: African Origin of Electromagnetism explores the ancient Egyptian Ankh, a cross that symbolised both the physical and eternal life, and its relationship to the origin of electromagnetism. Nur Ankh Amen, African anthropologist. Uses every scientific discipline that modern technology has to offer, in the tradition of Chiekh Anta Diop, to acquire the correct perspective on African high culture and civilisation. Its is now the time for Africans to battle Egyptology from the hands of westerners who have distorted our perception of civilisation, by a more forceful and public attack on their lies. We must expose to the light of truth, every lie and every claim of a European or Asian origin of Kemit and re-establish the link with our ancestors for the sake of our children. Review - "Wow what can I say?! I've always been fascinated with the Ankh along with its meaning and purpose, as well as the Pyramids of Egypt and whilst I'm not an expert on Electricity, I was able to understand this book and the factual and evidence based origins of Electromagnetism. It's certainly answered a lot of questions for me and put another piece in the puzzle for me and furthered my desire to undertake more research Because of this book I would like to further my understanding of modern electricity and how it differs from ancient electricity, as well as African and Egyptian History, DNA and Melanin, as well as Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Telsa and others. The author has made a few references to the Bible and Quran, as well as interpret many of the Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Spirituality. Do I recommend this book? Most definitely! It explains a lot and more! It's a book I certainly want to refer to and worth a place on my book shelf". Published May 1st 2001. 143 pages.
Axsal Johnson Book UK 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro 9780993085970
Axsal Johnson 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro £ 10.00
With Complete Proof: The 2017 Edition - Celebrating Black Excellence A Tribute To J. A. Rogers Think back to your time in the classroom, what can you remember being taught about your African origins? Besides the period of slavery, the struggles of the civil rights sixties and range of inventions innovations and breakthroughs of the 19th and 20th century, not much right. It‚Äôs no secret, nor has it been for some two thousand years Black African people have been around since what many would call the dawn of time. It was the children of Africa that began civilising the world introducing them to the liberal arts like reading, writing, mathematics, medicine, advanced agriculture and stone masonry to name a few. Africa through the middle ages just like the ancient times was the academic headquarters of the world, the home of spirituality, the continent was where the blueprint for modern day society was created. Sadly, the assignation of self-worth was completed through the barbaric Maafa (African holocaust/ transatlantic slave trade) John Henrik Clarke said: ‚ÄúSlavery ended and left its false images of Black people intact.‚ÄĚ Systemic institutionalised racism ensures the perpetuation of these false images mainly through the entertainment & media platforms but most damagingly through the education & academic systems. Jamaican born Journalist & Historian, Joel Augustus Rogers, whose numerous works and contributions to the international black community are mostly unknown today understood the importance of highlighting the triumphs of black African excellence. In 1934 he released his version of this title as a crash course to Black African history, to uplift and empower people with less access to information than we do today who faced lynchings and social beratement for succeeding.¬†2017‚Äôs edition was produced to remind the world of J. A. Rogers. On top of that, to combat to the global white supremacist power structure by helping to cement in the minds of all Black African people worldwide that they‚Äôre the original standard of excellence. Published 12 Dec 2017. 124 pages.
J.A. Rogers Book 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro: With Complete Proof
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With Complete Proof - A Short Cut to The World History of The Negro J.A. Rogers devoted over fifty years of his life to his research. He had not only looked at world history but also at the history of people of African origin, and has show how their history is an inseparable part of the history of mankind. First published in 1934 and revised in 1962, this book gathers journalist and historian Joel Augustus Rogers' columns from the syndicated newspaper feature titled Your History. Patterned after the look of Ripley's popular Believe It or Not the multiple vignettes in each episode recount short items from Rogers's research. The feature began in the Pittsburgh Courier in November 1934 and ran through the 1960s. Review - "I really liked this. Or rather, I liked J.A. Rogers' insistent energy to be believed in this tiny book. Rogers lists all sorts of African accomplishments and deeds and categorizes them in lists such as Ancient Civilizations, Sex, Religion, Rulers, Slavery, etc. A lot of this information not included in your typical mainstream lesson. And apparently Rogers traveled all over Europe to gather this info from different museums and libraries, so I'll definitely want to check out his other works". Published May 1st 1995. 72 pages.
Shahrazad Ali Book UK The Blackwoman's Guide to Understanding the Blackman 9780933405035
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The Blackwoman's Guide to Understanding the Blackman by Shahrazad Ali.
Jamieson B. Hurry Book UK Imhotep: The Egyptian God of Medicine 9780948390524
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The World's First Recorded Polymath... This Monograph is consecrated to the memory of the distinguished magician-physician and the sage who first appears on the stage of Egyptian history in the reign of King Zoser of the IIIrd Dynasty, and reappears at the intervals on that stage during a period of over three thousand years. His record therefore extends over a large part of the history of Ancient Egypt. Imhotep also spelled Immutef, Im-hotep, or Ii-em-Hotep; called Imuthes by the Greeks; fl. 27th century BC (c. 2650 2600 BC); Egyptian: meaning "the one who comes in peace, is with peace") was an Egyptian polymath[2] who served under the Third Dynasty king Djoser as chancellor to the pharaoh and high priest of the sun god Ra (or Re) at Heliopolis. He is considered by some to be the earliest known architect[3] and engineer[4] and physician in early history,[5] though two other physicians, Hesy-Ra and Merit-Ptah, lived around the same time
Martin R. Delany Book Origin of Races and Color
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Of the books authored by Martin R. Delany (1812-1885), The Origin of Races and Color is perhaps the most obscure. Out-of-print until now, it has been available to the public only through select libraries. At the time of its publication in 1879, The Origin of Races and Color presented a bold challenge to racist views of African inferiority. Martin Delany wrote in opposition to a developing oppressive intellectualism that used Darwin's thesis, "the survival of the fittest," to support its demented theories of Black Inferiority.Skillfully blending biblical history, archeaology and anthropology. Delany offered evidence to the "serious inquirer" suggesting the first humans were African, and that these Africans were " of the pyramids, sculptors of the sphinxes, and original god-kings...." With such radical assertions, Delany advanced a model of ancient history that contradicted the very foundation of intellectual racism. Delany looked at the history of the world and saw Africa at its center. He believed knowledge of one's past was essential, and that it could provide Black people with the regenerative force necessary to inspire their self=improvement. Were he alive today, Delany would certainly feel at home with the present generation of Africancentrists, especially since he developed and articulate so many of their arguments more than a century ago.In addition to providing the reader with an opportunity to more completely examine the writings of Marin Delany, The Origin of Race and Color remains a valuable resource, documenting the continuity of Black radical philosophy. This then is the great mystery which this little treatise proposes to solve, as well as to show the first steps in the progress of Civilization, the origin and institution of Letters and Literature. On the delicate subject of the integrity of the Races, let it be also understood that we propose, so far as the Pure Races are concerned, to have once and forever settled that they are indestructible, as proven in this treatise. That, as in the substance and science of Chemistry, the two extremes, saccharine and acid, the most intense sweetness and the most intense sourness, are produced by the same material and essential properties, so is it in the substance and science of animal chemistry in the human family in relation to color or complexion of the skin
Lerone Bennett Jr. Book UK Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America 978-0874850079
Lerone Bennett Jr. Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America £ 32.99
The black experience in America‚ÄĒstarting from its origins in western Africa up to the present day‚ÄĒis examined in this seminal study from a prominent African American figure. The entire historical timeline of African Americans is addressed, from the Colonial period through the civil rights upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. The most recent scholarship on the geographic, social, economic, and cultural journeys of African Americans, together with vivid portraits of key black leaders, complete this comprehensive reference.
Mahmud Kati ibn al hajj al-Mutawakkil Kati Book Timbuktu Chronicles 1493-1599
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The Al Hajj Mahmud Kati's Tarikh at Fattash Some five hundred years ago, the Askiya Muhammad founded the Songhay Dynasty of the Askiyas, which flourished for more than a century in Sahelian West Africa.¬† The Askiya Muhammad administered his kingdom from Gao, Mali, although many of his most loyal followers were located in Timbuktu, Mali. The Timbuktu based scribe al hajj Mahmud Kati was a close friend of the Askiya Muhammad, who accompanied the famous Songhay leader during his pilgrimage to Mecca. The¬†Tarikh al fattash¬†is an eyewitness account of the rise and fall of the Songhay Empire, told from Kati‚Äôs perspective as a key participant in many of the most important events in the era of the Askiyas. Wise‚Äôs¬†The Timbuktu Chronicles, 1493-1599¬†is a translation of the Octave Houdas and Maurice Delafosse‚Äôs rendition of the¬†Tarikh al fattash, which was compiled from three versions of the text that surfaced in the early twentieth century, and that were edited by Houdas and Delafosse in 1913. It includes a new introduction by Wise, as well as the original introduction and scholarly notes of Houdas and Delafosse.¬†¬†Although long valued as the most important historical document of the medieval period, Kati‚Äôs chronicle is also a literary achievement that is comparable to the writings of figures like Chaucer, Rabelais, and Montaigne. Wise‚Äôs introduction and study questions accompanying this translation provide contextualizing information for the non-specialist.¬†¬†The¬†Tarikh al fattash¬†is essential reading for all students of African literature and history. Christopher Wise deserves both our admiration and gratitude for making available to the wider world this five hundred year old chronicle‚ÄĒthe best, the most significant and the most useful on the Songhai empire. The premodern is connected with the modern; old Africa and new Africa are blended; and texts and interpretations are united to understand the past, to teach about the past, allowing us to reflect more profoundly on an era that we continue to hold in awe for its achievements, the endurance of its ideas, the brilliance of its scholars, and the grandeur of its institutions. ‚ÄĒToyin Falola ¬†University Distinguished Professor and the Frances Higginbotham Nalle Centennial Professor, University of Texas at Austin, and the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Chair of Modern Africa At-Large, Benue State University, Nigeria The appearance of Mahmud Kati's¬†Tarikh al Fattash¬†in English translation is long overdue.¬†¬†In the years to come, we may look forward to the appearance of more neglected classics from Timbuktu and elsewhere in West Africa, in both Arabic and Ajami. Wise's new volume, with its very readable translation and helpful introduction, performs an important service for African literary studies. ‚ÄĒFallou Ngom Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the African Language Program, Boston University Thanks need to be given to Christopher Wise and Haba Abu Taleb for resurrecting¬†Tarikh al-Fattashor¬†The Timbuktu Chronicles, which is now available in English because of their translation. This fifteenth century text is a marvel of literature and history and its availability in this excellent English translation will provide an important new treasure for those who are interested in the history and civilization of Islam. ‚ÄĒRicardo Rene Laremont Professor of Political Science and Sociology SUNY Binghamton ABOUT THE AUTHOR, EDITOR & TRANSLATORS Mahmud Kati¬†ibn al hajj al-Mutawakkil Kati¬†was born in Kurmina (Northern Mali), in the year 1468. Kati‚Äôs father was a Sephardic Arab Muslim, who migrated to Timbuktu in the era of the Spanish Inquisition.¬†¬†Kati‚Äôs mother was a black African woman of Songhay-Soninke origin. Kati lived most of his adult life in Timbuktu.¬†¬†He most likely died in 1552, fourteen years after the death of the Askiya Muhammad. Christopher Wise¬†is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Western Washington University.¬†¬†Wise‚Äôs previous publications include his translation of Norbert Zongo‚Äôs¬†The Parachute Drop¬†(2004) and¬†The Yambo Ouologuem Reader¬†(2008). Hala Abu Taleb¬†is an assistant professor of American Studies at the University of Jordan. She also teaches courses on American Literature and Cross-cultural Communication to undergraduates in the English Department. Her research interests include identity politics, cultural bridging and aesthetic resistance.