Amos N. Wilson Book UK Paperback Blueprint For Black Power 978-1879164079
Amos N. Wilson Blueprint For Black Power from £ 59.99
A Moral, Political And Economic Imperative For The Twenty-First Century. Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political And Economic Imperative For The Twenty-First Century, details a master plan for the power revolution necessary for Black survival in the 21st century. Amos Wilson that an African American/Caribbean/Pan-African bloc would be most potent for the generation and delivery of Black power in the United States and the World to counter White and Asian power networks. By breaking down the U.S. elite power structure of government, political parties, think tanks, corporations, foundations, media, interest groups, banking and foreign investment particulars. Potentially strong Black institutions as the church, media and think tanks; industry; collectives such as investment clubs and credit unions; rotating credit associations such as Afrikan-originated esusu, tontine and partner are analyzed. Review - "The title “Blueprint for Blackpower” speaks for itself in that it is a guide to understanding, analyzing and overcoming social constructs that inhibit collective empowerment for people of the African diaspora. It’s a powerful book that can be referred to for years to come as a teaching tool to transform lives with the ultimate goal of changing the trajectory of communities. It will open the reader’s mind to a deeper understanding of the African Americans’ plight in an economical and political context. One concept deeply engraved in this book is analyzing the African American population in the context of a nation. This perspective allows Dr.Wilson to succinctly place and assess the predicament African Americans are in and a vision to get out. Highly Recommended!" Published January 1st 1998. 889 pages.
Anthony T. Browder Book UK Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization Study Guide 978-0924944055
Anthony T. Browder Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization Study... £ 14.99
Accompanying Work Book! Tony Browder's book, Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization, is about correcting some of these misconceptions so the reader, in fact, can be introduced to a Nile Valley Civilizations in order to understand its role as the parent of future civilizations.
Carter G. Woodson Book UK The African Background Outlined 978-1-57478-132-8
Carter G. Woodson The African Background Outlined £ 36.99
Woodson wrote this text to educate teachers and the general public about Africa. Carter G. Woodson was an African American writer and historian known as the 'Father of Black History.' He penned the influential book 'The Mis-Education of the Negro. Part I of the book presents a brief summary of Africa’s past, including chapters on "The Negro in Africa," "The Negro in the European Mind," "The Negro in America," "The Negro in Literature," "The Negro in Art," "The Education of the Negro," "The Religious Development of the Negro," and "Economic Imperialism." Published April 28th 1969. 490 pages.
Amos N. Wilson Book UK The Psychology Of Self-Hatred And Self-Defeat 978-1879164154
Amos N. Wilson The Psychology Of Self-Hatred And Self-Defeat £ 29.99
Towards A Reclamation Of The Afrikan Mind Today's problems of self-hatred has very deep historical roots going way back into colonial history of the 15th Century and beyond. Amos Wilson breakdowns its origins as it evolved from biblical times with curse of Ham in the Old Testament up through the Middle Ages, enslavement, Jim Crow sadism and up to the present time. This journey has had long lasting impact on the creating, shaping and defining of the African American personality in particular, and the African personality worldwide. This text sets about exploring this development in its many aspects and attempts a reclamation of the African mind. Herein Amos Wilson attempts with surgical precision a remediation of this psycho-historical malady". Review - "Amos Wilson, is misrepresented as merely a Psychologist or even a social activist. Wilson is right up there with Frantz Fanon. Most black authors today are merely historians who write material that has emotive value, but little else. Wilson's work is of such importance and scholarship that it is the litmus test for any black man or woman with a genuine interest in how we became what we are today- both individually and collectively. In addition to pointing to how we got to where we are, Wilson does what so many black so-called intellectuals are unable to do- clearly layout the road to psychological transformation and renewal. A heart felt thanks to the people who continue to publish his works"! Published January 1st 2003. 305 pages. Published January 1 2020.
Raymond Winbush & Denise Wright Book UK The Osiris Papers 978-1-57478-162-5
Raymond Winbush & Denise Wright The Osiris Papers £ 26.99
Reflections On The Life And Writings Of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing The Osiris Papers: Reflections on the Life and Writings of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is intended to be the first of many treatises written to examine the life, theories, and contributions of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. Some of these writings will be hagiographic. Some will be critical, but all will expand our understanding of one of the greatest African thinkers of the past 100 years. “There are so many things to feel about this woman” so for this volume, we assembled a group of scholars, social activists, and entertainers to write on one of the Nine Areas of White Supremacy outlined by Neely Fuller in his monumental work The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Code. You will learn how Mr. Fuller directly influenced the theories of Dr. Welsing. While Mr. Fuller asked “What is racism/white supremacy?,” Dr. Welsing asked “Why is there racism/white supremacy?” There is an important difference in these two queries and each will be answered in various ways throughout this volume by writers who 1) knew Dr. Welsing personally, 2) worked with her on various projects, or 3) are deeply familiar with her writings.
John Henrik Clarke Book UK Critical Lessons in Slavery & the Slavetrade 978-1879289079
John Henrik Clarke Critical Lessons in Slavery & the Slavetrade £ 49.99
Essential Studies & Commentaries on Slavery, in General, & the African Slavetrade, in Particular 
Amy Jacques Garvey Book UK Garvey & Garveyism 978-1574781168
Amy Jacques Garvey Garvey & Garveyism £ 19.99
Like all great dreamers and planners, Marcus Garvey dreamed and planned ahead of his time and his peoples' ability to understand the significance of his life's work. A set of circumstances, mostly created by the world colonial powers, crushed this dreamer, but not his dreams. Due to persistence and years of sacrifice of Mrs. Amy Jacques Garvey, widow of Marcus Garvey, a large body of work by and about this great nationalist leader has been preserved and can be made available to a new generation of black people who have the power to turn his dreams into realities. From the introduction by John Henrik Clarke. Amy Euphemia Jacques Garvey was the Jamaican born second wife of Marcus Garvey, and a journalist and activist in her own right. She was one of the pioneering Black women journalists and publishers of the 20th century. Amy Jacques Garvey's perspective continues to provide an intimate and first-person narrative of the Garvey movement and this important period of Black Nationalism. Review - "This personal account of the life and times of the late Marcus Garvey is written by the woman who knew his convictions and the resistance he faced best of all; his wife A. Jacques Garvey. If you are not familiar with the Black Star Liner and the 'Back to Africa Movement' this is a must read. Most of the content comes from writings of Garvey himself".  Published January 1st 1978. 364 pages.
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK The Black Mans North And East Africa 978-1574780321
Yosef ben-Jochannan The Black Mans North And East Africa £ 21.99
Few of Dr. Ben's books are written with co-authors. The Black Man's North and East Africa is an exception. Written with one of his early colleagues, George E. Simmonds. This work attacks the racist manipulation of African and Black history by 'educators' and 'authorities on Africa'. Defenders of the Africans' right to tell their own story. the authors insist that Black people must take responsibility for their own history, "Until African (Black) people are willing, and do write their own experience, past, and present, we will continue being slaves, mentally, physically, and spiritually, to Caucasian and Semitic racism and religious bigotry."1971*,2005. 96 pp. illus.
Dr Jawanza Kunjufu Book UK Countering The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys 978-0913543962
Dr Jawanza Kunjufu Countering The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys £ 19.99
4-in-1 Volume. Advice for parents, educators, community, and church members is provided in this guide for ensuring that African American boys grow up to be strong, committed, and responsible African men. This book answers such questions as Why are there more black boys in remedial and special education classes than girls? Why are more girls on the honor roll? When do African American boys see a positive black male role model? Is the future of black boys in the hands of their mothers and white female teachers? and When does a boy become a man? The significance of rite of passage activities, including mentoring, male bonding, and spirituality, are all described.
Flora Shaw Lugard Book UK A Tropical Dependency 978-0-933121-92-8
Flora Shaw Lugard A Tropical Dependency £ 19.99
An Outline Of The Western Sudan With An Account Of The Moden Settlement Of Northern Nigeria. When Lady Lugard sat down to write A Tropical Dependency, it was not her intention to inspire generations of Africans to regain the independence of their countries. Lady Lugard, wife of a former British Colonial Governor of Nigeria, written during the colonial period. Providing readers with useful information and insights into the development of the states of Western Sudan. Lugard writes of slavery as though it was a God-given right of Europeans to own Africans as slaves. Ironically, her text on Africa's place in history reaffirms the belief that "If Africa did it once, Africa can do it again!" Introduction by John Henrik Clarke. Review - "Liberal and open-minded for its day.Flora Shaw's history was deeply researched. She wrote well and was clearly fascinated with her subject - the region known now as Nigeria (which name she invented) - though she was clearly far more interested in the northern, Muslim peoples.Shaw was a remarkable journalist and writer - married to the first colonial governor of Nigeria, Sir Frederick Lugard". Published 1906*, 1997. 508 pages.
Cheikh Anta Diop Book UK Precolonial Black Africa 978-1556520884
Cheikh Anta Diop Precolonial Black Africa £ 14.99
This comparison of the political and social systems of Europe and black Africa from antiquity to the formation of modern states demonstrates the black contribution to the development of Western civilization.
Shahrazad Ali Book UK The Blackwoman's Guide to Understanding the Blackman 978-0933405035
Shahrazad Ali The Blackwoman's Guide to Understanding the Bla... from £ 17.99
The Blackwoman's Guide to Understanding the Blackman by Shahrazad Ali.
Elijah Muhammad Book How to Eat to Live Volume 2
Elijah Muhammad How to Eat to Live Volume 2 £ 8.99
For more than 30 years, messenger Elijah Muhammad has been teaching the so-called Negroes of America on the proper foods to eat to improve their mental power, physical appearance, for prevention of illness, curing of ailments and prolonging life. Given the humble, economic conditions of the blacks in America, an inexpensive, yet highly nutritional diet was given to them by Elijah Muhammad. Before the health craze that has swept the country. Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam were head of the curve as far back as the early 30's. This is the first of two books written with this simple, yet revolutionary way of eating.
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK African Origins of the Major Western Religions 978-0933121294
Yosef ben-Jochannan African Origins of the Major Western Religions £ 34.99
African Origins of the Major "Western Religions" first published in 1970, continues to be one of Dr. Ben's most thought-provoking works. Yosef A.A. (Alfredo Antonio) ben-Jochannan (1918-2015) was an Ethiopian-born historian specializing in Africa, and was affectionately known simply as ‘Dr. Ben’ to his students and readers.Dr. Ben critically examines the history, beliefs, and myths that are the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Published 1970, 1991. 363 pages
Ishakamusa Barashango Book UK Afrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories of Man's Beginnings 978-1602810044
Ishakamusa Barashango Afrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories of Man's Begin... £ 19.99
Afrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories of Man’s Beginnings presents some of the many remarkable ways our ancestors answered the eternal question; Where did the world and human beings come from? Barashango recounts these historical narratives in terms of today’s Black Experience. Review - "The late Dr. Barashango is a learned man in the Afrikan Cosmogonical Sciences of the Ancients. The reader is given different theories of creation/origin of the world and mankind. His mission is not to convert anyone to a particular creed/doctrine but to enlightened the reader to different perspectives of Afrikan thought. I feel there is much to be learned from the Kemetic Cosmogony/Sciences of the Ancients which may aid and assist mankind in becoming one with the Universal God". Published June 15th 1991. 220 pages.
Chinweizu Book UK Decolonising The African Mind 978-9782651020
Chinweizu Decolonising The African Mind from £ 44.99
Sheds light on the continual exploitation of Africa by the West In this sequel to The West And The Rest Of Us, Chinweizu questions the colonial mentality, in its various manifestations, and how it has continually obstructed African economic development and cultural renaissance since political decolonization was achieved. And while it is generally known about the deleterious effects of European colonialism on African development, in Decolonising the African Mind, Chinweizu uncompromisingly reveals the same deleterious effects Arab colonialism has had on African development, in contrast to the generally held notion that domination of Africans by Arabs was some type of benign conquest in comparison to the white man. Chinweizu accurately stuns the reader that Europeans and Arabs have historical had their own political designs on the African continent, which was not for the benefit of African people. What becomes clear while reading this book, is that no matter what propaganda tries to suggest, Africa is not an overseas cash cow or provenience for Europeans or Arabs. Africans around the world must maintain the unapologetically and uncompromisingly claim their African identity, as opposed to being lost in some “multicultural” melting pot, with identities like “person of colour”. Which is ironic, as majority of the world has colour, the only people without colour is Europeans, by understanding the invasion of Africa by Arabs, Africans can understand that liberation will not come by negating one’s African identity into the fraternity of “people of colour”. Then central objective in decolonising the African mind is to overthrow the authority which alien and detrimental traditions exercise over the African. This demands the dismantling of white supremacist beliefs, and the structures which uphold them, in every area of African life. One should certainly use items from other traditions provided they are consistent with African cultural independence and serve African objectives; but one should neither ape nor revere them, let alone sacrifice African interest to them. Review - "Sheds light on the continual exploitation of Africa by the West wherein the so-called development of Africa is actually a debt trap from which developed nations benefit.  Much food for thought here. The author moves beyond the "blame game" and explores solutions. I was also struck by the honesty and fairness when it came to measuring the scale and impact of outside influences on African society, culture, art and literature". Published 1st January 1987. 294 pages.
Dr. Claud Anderson Book UK Black Labor White Wealth 978-0966170214
Dr. Claud Anderson Black Labor White Wealth £ 29.99
The Search For Power And Economic Justice. Black Labor White Wealth: The Search For Power And Economic Justice, Dr. Claud Anderson's first book, now a classic. From slavery and Jim Crow public policies that used black labor to construct a superpower nation. It breakdowns how black people were socially engineered into the lowest level of a real life Monopoly game, which they are neither playing or winning. Black Labor is a comprehensive analysis of the issues of race. Dr. Anderson uses the anaylsis in this book to offer solutions to America's race problem. Dr. Claud Anderson is a successful author who has popularised Black history and is widely recognised as one of America's most influential intellectuals. He has drawn the nation's attention to the issue of race and the advantages of redeveloping and industrialising black communities. Dr. Anderson has a broad and varied base of experiences spanning education, business, national and state politics and successful economic and social reform. Dr. Anderson has developed the popular concept of PowerNomics, a set of social-political and economic strategies based upon his analysis of the race problem as described in Black Labor. Review - "This book is truly an eye opener. By reading his material, I learned more contextual information about the historical struggles of black Americans than I ever did throughout my 16+ years in school. It is a shame how much our history classes have whitewashed the black narrative. Hence, I believe it should be required that all black individuals, young & old, read this book to genuinely grasp the intricacies of how institutionalised oppression has impacted our communities. Furthermore, this book is a must read for black Americans simply because the author gives us a solid blueprint on how we can improve our condition within society; his ideas are well-thought-out as he discusses strategies of focusing more on capitalism and group economics rather than chasing the elusive dream of "integration". Dr. Anderson's work is highly recommended and deserves a 5 star rating". Published August 1st 1994. 250 pages.
Ra Un Nefer Amen Book Nuk Au Neter (I am a Divine Being): The Kamitic Holy Scriptures
Ra Un Nefer Amen Nuk Au Neter (I am a Divine Being): The Kamitic... £ 39.99
Laying the foundation for the re-africanisation of the decolonisation diasporic mind. In the same manner that the jews have their bible, the christians theirs, the muslims their quran, the hindus their vedas and bhagavad gita, and so on, so did the african-the ancient egyptians-have their holy scriptures. They read and studied them daily to strengthen their spiritual and moral life, which resulted in the optimization of their intellect and genius that culminated in the building of the oldest and one of the greadest civilization in the world.
Ra Un Nefer Amen Book UK Metu Neter Volume 1 978-1877662034
Ra Un Nefer Amen Metu Neter Volume 1 from £ 29.99
Metu Neter, Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation. The oracles of Ancient Black Civilizations aimed to guide individuals and nations in all areas of life. Through them it was possible to discover the spiritual cause and meaning to earthly events. These great oracles prescribed the words of power and other occult forces that can be manipulated by the initiate in order to control the events of his life. 436 page Published 1st July 1990
Queen Afua Book UK Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit 978-0345434869
Queen Afua Sacred Woman £ 14.99
A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit Queen Afua is a known worldwide for her herbalism, natural health expertise and dedicated healer of women's bodies and women's souls who practice a uniquely Afrocentric spirituality. Sacred Woman takes us on a transformational journey of physical and ancestral healing that will restore the brilliance of our spirits through sacred initiation. Queen Afua begins by helping us to discover our unique womb-an-ness and to honour the womb as the centre of our consciousness and creativity, as well a twenty-one-day program for womb purification and spirit rejuvenation. Then Queen Afua summons us to enter the Nine Gateways of Initiation, where she blesses us with the exact tools we need to bring our beings into true harmony with the earth and the cosmos. Through magnificent meditations, affirmations and rituals rooted in ancient Egyptian temple teachings, Queen Afua teaches us how to love and celebrate our bodies by spiritualising the words we speak; the foods we eat; the spaces we live and work in; the beauty we create in our lives; the healing energy we transmit to self and others; the relationships we nurture; the service we offer; and the transcendent woman spirit we manifest. Through love, passion and wisdom. Queen Afua leads us to accept our purpose to heal ourselves, women, their families, communities and our world with the aid of Sacred Women. Review - "If you are in search of a deeper journey regarding health - spiritual and physical, this is a great book to add to your list of must reads. Queen Afua writes from a unique perspective as she tries to teach us "wombman" how important the health and care of our wombs are. She nutures by providing us with spiritual reflections (not religion) to help us grow". Published October 30th 2001. 416 pages.
John Henrik Clarke Book UK Marcus Garvey and the Vision of Africa 978-1574780475
John Henrik Clarke Marcus Garvey and the Vision of Africa £ 19.99
John Henrik Clarke first published this definitive collection in 1974, providing outstanding background on Marcus Garvey and the Garvey movement. Beginning with an extensive introduction, this collection is presented in seven parts. Each part opens with commentary by Clarke and is followed by essays written by Garvey scholars, contemporaries and critics. Concluding each part is "Garvey in His Own Words" presenting speeches and writing by Garvey. Included are contributions by Amy Jacques Garvey, Marcus Garvey, Jr., Robert Hill, Rupert Lewis, W.E.B. DuBois and Tony Martin. This Black Classic Press edition includes a new introduction by Runoko Rashidi who places Garvey and his movement within historical and contemporary contexts and shares insight into Clarke's motivation for editing this collection.