Tony Martin Book UK Race First 978-0912469232
Tony Martin Race First £ 29.99
Dr. Tony Martin is Emeritus Professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College. He taught earlier at the University of Michigan-Flint. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, Brandeis University, Brown University and The Colorado College. A classic study of the Garvey movement, this is the most thoroughly researched book on Garvey's ideas by historian of black nationalism, Dr. Tony Martin. He spent a year as an honorary research fellow at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad. Professor Martin has authored, compiled or edited 14 books including Caribbean History: From Pre-Colonial Origins to the Present (2012) published by Pearson. Review -"One of my all time favs. Every time I read it I get pulled in. It gives so much color to this epic time and shows the inside story of how Mr. Garvey created the most substantial, largest movement of Black people in modern history. But the white supremacist system was too much, and managed to subsequently erase the memory of it. It's an important story because that system has not been diminished. Much respect to Brother Tony, a great researcher and story teller, now with the Ancestors". Published September 1st 1986. 421 pages.  
Black History Activity Books Activity Books UK Uncle Marcus Garvey Activity Book 97843745087378
Black History Activity Books Uncle Marcus Garvey Activity Book £ 7.99
Marcus Garvey is one of the greatest black leaders. He organised more black people than any other black leader in the world. This book primarily focuses on the life and times of The Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Uncle Marcus was one of the greatest Black Leaders. He believed that through self-determination, economic empowerment and independence we can create our destiny and freedom. Uncle Marcus travelled to many countries throughout Europe and South America. He noticed that wherever he went black people were treated worse than white people. So, he created an organisation to uplift and inspire black people called the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Uncle Marcus was a remarkable businessman and speaker. He used his influence and knowledge to build black pride and unity. His aim was for all black people to one day return to Africa and to build their lives in their place of origin. His teachings inspired many other leaders such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. The Black History Activity Books stimulate the imagination and curiosity of the reader to use critical thinking and problem-solving to complete the books. This book uses a range of activities that cover the following: Maths Adding Counting Number Order Multiplication English Spelling Reading & Comprehension Geography Visual Memory Matching & Sorting Colouring Drawing Mazes Dot to Dot Spot the difference Word Search Quizzes These activities exercise the brain and memory as well as a range of benefits that: Increases / Boosts Retention Engagement Emotional Intelligence Observation Of Detail Patience  Improves: Critical Thinking Cognitive Thought Processes Hand-Eye Coordination Communication Skills Vocabulary (Language / Learning)  Encourages Risk-Taking Focus Right Brain Thinking Following Instructions  Releases  Positive Emotions Stress Hidden Emotions Product dimensions: Format: 150mm x 210mm (A5) -  350 gsm Gloss Laminated Cover 160gsm Full colour interior pages  Pages: 32  Age Range: 6 Years and Above
Amy Jacques Garvey Book UK Garvey & Garveyism 978-1574781168
Amy Jacques Garvey Garvey & Garveyism £ 19.99
Like all great dreamers and planners, Marcus Garvey dreamed and planned ahead of his time and his peoples' ability to understand the significance of his life's work. A set of circumstances, mostly created by the world colonial powers, crushed this dreamer, but not his dreams. Due to persistence and years of sacrifice of Mrs. Amy Jacques Garvey, widow of Marcus Garvey, a large body of work by and about this great nationalist leader has been preserved and can be made available to a new generation of black people who have the power to turn his dreams into realities. From the introduction by John Henrik Clarke. Amy Euphemia Jacques Garvey was the Jamaican born second wife of Marcus Garvey, and a journalist and activist in her own right. She was one of the pioneering Black women journalists and publishers of the 20th century. Amy Jacques Garvey's perspective continues to provide an intimate and first-person narrative of the Garvey movement and this important period of Black Nationalism. Review - "This personal account of the life and times of the late Marcus Garvey is written by the woman who knew his convictions and the resistance he faced best of all; his wife A. Jacques Garvey. If you are not familiar with the Black Star Liner and the 'Back to Africa Movement' this is a must read. Most of the content comes from writings of Garvey himself".  Published January 1st 1978. 364 pages.
Michael West - EBOOK From Toussaint to Tupac - EBOOK 978-0807859728
Michael West - From Toussaint to Tupac - EBOOK £ 2.99
The Black International since the Age of Revolution Transcending geographic and cultural lines, From Toussaint to Tupac is an ambitious collection of essays exploring black internationalism and its implications for a black consciousness. At its core, black internationalism is a struggle against oppression, whether manifested in slavery, colonialism, or racism. The ten essays in this volume offer a comprehensive overview of the global movements that define black internationalism, from its origins in the colonial period to the present. From Toussaint to Tupac focuses on three moments in global black history: the American and Haitian revolutions, the Garvey movement and the Communist International following World War I, and the Black Power movement of the late twentieth century. Contributors demonstrate how black internationalism emerged and influenced events in particular localities, how participants in the various struggles communicated across natural and man-made boundaries, and how the black international aided resistance on the local level, creating a collective consciousness. In sharp contrast to studies that confine Black Power to particular national locales, this volume demonstrates the global reach and resonance of the movement. The volume concludes with a discussion of hip hop, including its cultural and ideological antecedents in Black Power. Contributors: Hakim Adi, Middlesex University, London Sylvia R. Frey, Tulane University William G. Martin, Binghamton University Brian Meeks, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica Marc D. Perry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Lara Putnam, University of Pittsburgh Vijay Prashad, Trinity College Robyn Spencer, Lehman College Robert T. Vinson, College of William and Mary Michael O. West, Binghamton University Fanon Che Wilkins, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
Horace Campbell Book Rasta and Resistance
Horace Campbell Rasta and Resistance £ 19.99
From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney Rasta and Resistance is a study of the Rastafarian Movement in all its manifestations, from its evolution in the hills of Jamaica to its present manifestations in the streets of Birmingham and the Shashamane Settlement in Ethiopia. It traces the cultural, political and spiritual sources of this movement of resistance, highlighting the quest for change among an oppressed people. This book serves to break the intellectual traditions which placed the stamp of millenarianism on Rasta. "Absence of a political enquiry into the Rastafari of the Caribbean has always been an uncomfortable gap in the record of the Caribbean revolution. Now Horace Campbell has bade a big step towards the filling of that gap. This is not to suggest that Caribbean writers and thinkers (we should not confuse the two groups) have not done much investigation of the Rastafari way of life with all the clarity and depth which their areas of investigation permitted them; some have also ventured into the political dominion. Campbell has many of the qualifications for the task he has undertaken. He has been struggling for some years to apply the scientific theory of society to the reality of African and Caribbean politics, and in the process has avoided the creation of false gods." -Eusi Kwayana ABOUT THE AUTHOR Horace Campbell was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1945. He is a writer, teacher and political activist who has taught in Africa, the Caribbean, Britain, and North America. His writings include two books: Four Essays on Neo-colonialism in Uganda and Pan-Africanism: The Struggle Against Neo-colonialism and Imperialism as well as numerous articles, papers and essays which have been published in various journals in Britain, North America, the Caribbean and Africa. Since 1981, he has been teaching at the University of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, East Africa.
Ishakamusa Barashango Book UK Afrikan People And European Holidays: A Mental Genocide: Book 2 9781602810013
Ishakamusa Barashango Afrikan People And European Holidays: A Mental ... £ 21.99
A must have read for the history of holidays. Dr. Barashango discusses the origins of European Holidays their pagan roots and why we as Black People should not celebrate them. Review - "Book Two critiques Easter and other holidays. Not intended to be academic, this book is a perfect layman read with forceful and sensational language, and is concise. For most it will be eye-opening; reading historical facts not learned in school that may be hard to digest because the logical conclusion is to challenge the status quo. He embellishes his arguments with quotes from Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and other Black leaders who represent an uncompromising viewpoint. Though the topic is heavy and disheartening, the book does not leave the reader depressed with these uncovered truths. It ends with a nice chapter explaining the Kwanzaa Holiday to the uninitiated as a healthy alternative to the current holidays program that he argues only exacerbate the psychological distress of Black people". Published December 1st 2001. 136 pages.
Theodore G. Vincent Book UK Black Power and the Garvey Movement 978-1574780406
Theodore G. Vincent Black Power and the Garvey Movement £ 17.99
This provocative study examines the far-reaching influence of Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Theodore G. Vincent 1936-2009 independent scholar and author of many books including "Black Power and the Garvey Movement" (1971) and "The Legacy of Vicente Guerrero, Mexico's first Black President", details UNIA’s origins (Universal Negro Improvement Association), that represened the largest mass movement in African-American history, and debunks the many myths and controversies surrounding the organisation and its founder, Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Initially written to explore the black militancy movement of the 1920s from the point of view of the Black Power struggles of the 1960s, the author’s new introduction adds a 21st-century perspective. Published September 26th 2013. 336 pages.