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Ancestors Work British Museum Virtual Tour Ticket from £ 10.00
CONNECTING YOU TO INDIGENOUS WISDOM   NEXT SESSION: SUNDAY MAY 30TH @ 5PM UK TIME / 12PM EDT / 9AM PDT   #ANCESTORSWORK presents the Virtual British Museum Tour. Up to 3 hours of live interactive and engaging culturally enriching and and empowering live presentation suitable for the entire family.   Due to the annoying realities of the regulations imposed by the Museum for their reopening it makes it near impossible to operate group sessions. In efforts to still be able to deliver this information to our growing community the tour is going online, and virtual. Admittedly, it's not the same as being up close and personal with the artifacts but it is better than being totally disconnected.   The sessions will be coordinated and hosted by @Omega_Axsal who has already taken over 1000 people around the British Museum on guided tours over the last 5 years. The tour will be more inclusive than physically being there as we won't be losing time walking around and waiting for the group to catch up!   The full session including any questions that the audience may have along the way is expected to last up to 3 hours. Exploring the origins of Black excellence by investigating the civilisation that we have come to know as Ancient Kemet there will be a particular focus on the everyday life, customs and traditions, the arts, the royal family and most importantly the spiritual practices that remain alive to this day.   There are options with your tickets: £10 = 1 x Ticket Only £15 = 1 x Ticket +Study Guide £20 = 1 x Ticket + Study Guide + Playback Access   The sessions will be taking place via Zoom, once you have purchased your ticket you will be emailed a PDF ticket confirming the time and date of the session.  You will receive your invitation to the session via email the day before the session. It is important that you consider adding the even to your calendar so that you get a notification as a reminder to tune in!