Charles S. Finch III Book The Star Of Deep Beginnings
Charles S. Finch III The Star Of Deep Beginnings £ 29.99
The Star of Deep Beginnings represents perhaps the most ambitious work yet by Charles S. Finch III. The title, derived from a Dogon name for Sirius B. reflects the cosmic nature of African science. This book represents an exploration of the sciences of the world as they first took shape in northeast Africa. We find that metallurgy, mathematics, architecture, astronomy, engineering, navigation, and physics are products of the wisdom and world-experience of Africa, as especially personified by the priest-scientists of the Nile Valley and those of the Bandiagara Cliffs of Mali, home of the Dogon.
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK Africa Mother of Western Civilization 978-0933121256
Yosef ben-Jochannan Africa Mother of Western Civilization £ 34.99
Dr. Ben, also known as Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan. Celebrates Africa Mother in an lecture/essay style format. Dr. Ben identifies and corrects myths about the inferiority and primitiveness of the indigenous African peoples and their descendants. Review "Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan is an incredible scholar. He has done such excellent work in the recovery of Ancient African history. His particular thesis demonstrates that Africa, as the Mother of Civilization, birthed much of the ideology of Western Civilization. Through the Middle Passage, much of the European slave traders denigrated Africans and African history, suggesting that African history contributed nothing to the world. Texts like Dr. Ben's text emphasize the importance and the major contributions that Africans and African history has made to the world, generally, but specifically to the Western Cultural and Western Civilization feature. Before the Romans, Before the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Nubians, the culture of Kemet, existed in Africa, and Dr. Ben artiuclates and demonstrates how these cultures reached a high level of civilization in spite fo the anti-African sentiments that were very prominent in the 19th century. This is a very good book". Published 1971, 1988. 750 pages.
Cheikh Anta Diop Book UK Precolonial Black Africa 9781556520884
Cheikh Anta Diop Precolonial Black Africa £ 14.99
This comparison of the political and social systems of Europe and black Africa from antiquity to the formation of modern states demonstrates the black contribution to the development of Western civilization.
John G. Jackson Book UK Introduction to African Civilizations 978-0806521893
John G. Jackson Introduction to African Civilizations £ 24.99
This work challenges all the standard approaches to the saga of African history, from the dawn of prehistory to the modern resurgent Africa of today. Review - "What an exciting reading. I had to annotate, look up, and learn pronunciation of some words; but well worth the effort. This is an extraordinary book that provides a historical perspective to what happened to Ancient African Civilizations, People, and Cultures.. a riveting explanation to the diaspora and beyond". 384 pages.
Axsal Johnson Book UK 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro 9780993085970
Axsal Johnson 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro £ 10.00
With Complete Proof: The 2017 Edition - Celebrating Black Excellence A Tribute To J. A. Rogers Think back to your time in the classroom, what can you remember being taught about your African origins? Besides the period of slavery, the struggles of the civil rights sixties and range of inventions innovations and breakthroughs of the 19th and 20th century, not much right. It’s no secret, nor has it been for some two thousand years Black African people have been around since what many would call the dawn of time. It was the children of Africa that began civilising the world introducing them to the liberal arts like reading, writing, mathematics, medicine, advanced agriculture and stone masonry to name a few. Africa through the middle ages just like the ancient times was the academic headquarters of the world, the home of spirituality, the continent was where the blueprint for modern day society was created. Sadly, the assignation of self-worth was completed through the barbaric Maafa (African holocaust/ transatlantic slave trade) John Henrik Clarke said: “Slavery ended and left its false images of Black people intact.” Systemic institutionalised racism ensures the perpetuation of these false images mainly through the entertainment & media platforms but most damagingly through the education & academic systems. Jamaican born Journalist & Historian, Joel Augustus Rogers, whose numerous works and contributions to the international black community are mostly unknown today understood the importance of highlighting the triumphs of black African excellence. In 1934 he released his version of this title as a crash course to Black African history, to uplift and empower people with less access to information than we do today who faced lynchings and social beratement for succeeding. 2017’s edition was produced to remind the world of J. A. Rogers. On top of that, to combat to the global white supremacist power structure by helping to cement in the minds of all Black African people worldwide that they’re the original standard of excellence. Published 12 Dec 2017. 124 pages.
Cheikh Anta Diop EBOOK Precolonial Black Africa - EBOOK 978-1556520884
Cheikh Anta Diop Precolonial Black Africa - EBOOK £ 2.99
This comparison of the political and social systems of Europe and black Africa from antiquity to the formation of modern states demonstrates the black contribution to the development of Western civilization.
John Coleman De Graft-Johnson Book UK African Glory: The Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations 978-0933121034
John Coleman De Graft-Johnson African Glory £ 15.99
The Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations - An intimate history of Africa and its ancient civilizations, the book opposed the stereotyped and often racist histories of Africa. Today, a half century after its initial publication, African Glory still provides a vivid and dynamic connection to the African past. First published in 1954, a time when few books on African history were written from an African perspective. Dr. J.C. deGraft-Johnson, born in Ghana, aka Gold Coast,  He obtained his education in the United Kingdom receiving a PhD degree in Economics from Edinburgh University. At the same time, he was thoroughly familiar with the culture and history of his motherland, having received his early education in West African schools. These factors are ever present as one reads "The Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations."Elder Dr. John Henrik Clarke contributed the afterword for our edition. His afterword places African Glory and its author within the larger struggle for world wide African independence. Dr. Clarke also provided a supplemental bibliography that adds to the many sources cited in African Glory. Published 1st January 1986 210 pages.
Yosef ben-Jochannan Book UK Black Man of the Nile 978-0933121263
Yosef ben-Jochannan Black Man of the Nile £ 27.99
In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose "Europeanised" African history. Black Man of the Nile and His Family, first published in 1972, is Dr. Ben’s best known work. It captures much of the substance of his early research on ancient Africa. In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose the typical African History we are taught today.  Review - "A historical review of the Nile valley civilisation, its roots and its extent. Starting from "pre-history" Ben Joachannan explores the etymology of what later became one of the first outstanding civilisation on earth right up until the total collapse of Egypt after it was taken over by the Romans.Ben Jochannan dispels the mysteries and lies perpetuated by the 19th to 21st-century European scholars through facts and real logical proofs. a brilliant book to be read by all Afrikan people". Published 1972, 1989. 381 pages.
Wayne B. Chandler Book UK Ancient Future 978-1574780017
Wayne B. Chandler Ancient Future £ 16.99
The Seven Hermetic principles of living are mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, gender, rhythm, and causation. Wayne B. Chandler explains how applying these principles can enhance our modern understanding of social, political, psychological, and spiritual matters. Foreword by Ivan Van Sertima. Review - "I tell everyone who I get in a conversation with about history or ourstory that they must read this book. Chandler gives vivid information and facts about how our enemies have oppressed us. How we need to know how they did it so we know how to free ourselves. Fact upon facts.If you want to start to free your mind and or continue to free your mind of European thoughts you need to read this". Published 1998. 230 pages.
Charles S. Finch III Book Echoes of the Old Darkland: Themes from the African Eden
Charles S. Finch III Echoes of the Old Darkland: Themes from the Afr... £ 34.99
Echos of the Old Darkland is the first original book by Dr. Charles S. Finch III in which the author attempts to trace origin and the evolution of humanity, is culture, myths, and religion in Africa in light of modern findings. Charles S. Finch III, M.D. examines the paleontological record, cultural anthropology, religious symbolism, & astronomical mythology to trace the origin & evolution of humanity & culture in Africa from prehistory to the Christian era. Humanity itself began in Africa, as did human culture, first organized into matriarchal social structures that conferred on the feminine/matristic principal an early pre-eminence in religion, law, & symbolism. The seemingly universal patriarchal life modes of the modern world actually evolved fairly late out of the primal matriarchy. Following discussions on the origin & evolution of prehistoric human culture, the author analyzes Biblical names & compares ancient Egyptian & Judeo-Christian texts to show that Judaism & Christianity are lineal descendants of the old Egyptian religion, itself a product of the incredibly ancient symbolic myths of prehistoric Africa. Thus, Yahweh & Christ appear to derive from early African divinities; long-standing traditions make Moses an Egyptian priest & the historical Jesus an initiate of the Egyptian Therapeutae (Essenes). The underlying message of ECHOES OF THE OLD DARK LAND is that in recovering the early story of humanity, all roads lead to Africa. Thus, ECHOES will provoke controversy & new thought on subjects increasingly pertinent as the world prepares to grapple with the challenges of the next millenium.
Rudolph R Windsor Book UK From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews 9780962088117
Rudolph R Windsor From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Anci... £ 15.99
This carefully researched book is a significant addition to this vital unraveling of knowledge. It sets forth, in fascinating detail, the history, from earliest recorded times, of the black races of the Middle East and Africa. Dr. Rudolph R. Windsor is an internationally known author and speaker in the areas of history, and self-development. He is the author of five books.   Review - "If you are one who is interested in cultural issues, historic issues, or have a deep sense of intuition this book is for you! Babylon to Timbuktu contains a vast wealth of historic knowledge that is very valuable particularly to persons of colour". First published January 1st 1969. 151 pages.
Cheikh Anta Diop Book UK Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology 9781556520488
Cheikh Anta Diop Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthrop... £ 13.99
Challenging societal beliefs, this volume rethinks African and world history from an Afrocentric perspective. This last work of the well-known Senegalese scholar Cheikh Anta Diop(1923-86). Civilization or Barbarism offers a refined statement of his life's work, to prove the primacy of African culture by proving that ancient Egypt was a black society, first in many cultural achievements later claimed by the following Indo-Aryan cultures. To this end, Diop discusses the palaeontology, sociology, anthropology, and intellectual history of the ancient Egyptians set against contemporaneous cultures and also the modern Wolofs
Anthony T. Browder Book UK Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization 978-0924944055
Anthony T. Browder Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization £ 19.99
Tony Browder's book, Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization, is about correcting some of these misconceptions so the reader, in fact, can be introduced to a Nile Valley Civilizations in order to understand its role as the parent of future civilizations
Chancellor Williams Book UK The Destruction Of Black Civilisation 9780883780305
Chancellor Williams The Destruction Of Black Civilisation £ 16.99
Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 The Destruction of Black Civilization took Chancellor Williams 16 years of research and field study to compile. The book, which was to serve as a reinterpretation of the history of the African race, was intended to be "a general rebellion against the subtle message from even the most liberal white authors and their Negro disciples: "You belong to a race of nobodies. The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 is a revolutionary, one of its kind approach to the research, teaching, and study of African history by shifting the main focus from the history of Arabs and Europeans in Africa to the Africans themselves. The book was written at a time when many black students, educators, and scholars were starting to piece together the connection between the way their history was taught and the way they were perceived by others and by themselves. They began to question assumptions made about their history and took it upon themselves to create a new body of historical research. The book is premised on the question: If the Blacks were among the very first builders of civilization and their land the birthplace of civilization, what has happened to them that has left them, since then, at the bottom of world society? Precisely, what happened? The book, thus, offers "a history of blacks that is a history of blacks". "Because, only from history can we learn what our strengths were and, especially, in what particular aspect we are weak and vulnerable. Our history can then become at once the foundation and guiding light for united efforts in serious planning what we should be about now." Review - "This is a brilliant book. I love reading Chancellor Williams. The Destruction of Black Civilization provides the blue print and the analysis from which the African Diaspora may reach and find the strength for positive self development. The book employs the use of focussing on great civilizations as an impetus for returning to pride in the African culture. I am using this book in my Africa American History class, because African American students must realize the brilliant and intellectual structures from which their heritage eminate. I am going to say more about this wonderful book". Published June 14th 2017. 386 pages.
Cheikh Anta Diop Book UK The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality? 9781556520723
Cheikh Anta Diop The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Rea... £ 11.99
This classic presents historical, archaeological, and anthropological evidence to support the theory that ancient Egypt was a black civilization. Cheikh Anta Diop, who was born in Dakar on the 29th of December 1923 and died on the 7th of February 1986. Diop was a historian, anthropologist, physicist, and politician who studied the human race’s origins and pre-colonial African culture. Though Diop is sometimes referred to as an Afrocentrist, he predates the concept and thus was not himself an Afrocentric scholar. However, “Diopian thought”, as it is called, is paradigmatic to Afrocentricity. His work was greatly controversial and throughout his career, Diop argued that there was a shared cultural continuity across African peoples that was more important than the varied development of different ethnic groups shown by differences among languages and cultures over time.Diop did his most significant work under the tutelege of Professor Frédéric Joliot in Paris. This culminated in (Diop’s) seminal work “The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality” (1974) is one of the seminal works on African proto history and history. It makes the case that both mankind and civilization started with black people. It argues that Ancient Egypt was largely Black African in race and culture during the first 2,000 years of its civilization. When Diop first put forward his thesis his work was resoundingly debunked by white Egyptologists and anthropologists, notably Bruce Trigger and other Europeans. But Diop was persistent and his theories were brilliantly defended by him. Now in its 30th printing, this classic presents historical, archaeological, and anthropological evidence to support the theory that ancient Egypt was a black civilization.
Calvin Robinson Book UK The Journey of the Songhai People 9781880205297
Calvin Robinson The Journey of the Songhai People £ 79.99
A Scholastic Historical Account Of The History Of The Songhai People!
Marcel Griaule Book UK The Pale Fox 978-0939118021
Marcel Griaule The Pale Fox from £ 29.99
Marcel Griaule's Conversation With The Ogotemmeli introduced the Religious ideas of the Dogon of the West African Republic of Mali. This is an important book in Dogon studies, because it was written by two of the pioneering anthropologists in the field. It focusses on a Dogon cosmology, a complex creation.  
Drusilla Dunjee Houston Book UK Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire Volume 1 978-0933121010
Drusilla Dunjee Houston Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Emp... £ 16.99
First published in 1926, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, a self-taught historian, describes the origin of civilisation and creates links amongst the ancient Black populations in Persia, Arabia, Babylonia, and India. A very thorough collection of material uncovering the early dominance of the Black race in Western and Southeastern Asia. In each example she concludes that the ancient Blacks who inhabited these areas were all culturally related and provides great details to show this.Review - By Arthur A Schomberg, noted historian. "I can assure everyone that the author must have used considerable oil in her lamp represented by her exhaustive research, the indefatigable labor that resulted i the astonishing compilation before me...We are indebted to Drusilla Dunjee Houston for this illuminating and comprehensive book." Published 1st June 1985. 280 pages.