Welcome To IndigiBookz


IndigiBookz is here to serve the global community of Black, African, Caribbean, Latino, Melanated People of Colour as the premium source and supplier of Indigenous literature.


With the goal of providing edutainment and enlightenment IndigiBookz aims to provide materials suitable to the entire family from the new & early reader, hobbyist & student right through to the advanced avid reader.


IndigiBookz was founded on the principles of giving back and supporting those that are assisting the empowerment of society. In a bid to do as much as possible, IndigiBookz pledges 20% of the monthly profit to various charities, foundations, institutes and projects such as iHeartAfrica.


IndigiBookz is committed to supporting and setting up urban libraries in pan-African book deserts to help stimulate the upliftment of black literacy. By supporting us, you’re supporting the greater community.