IndigiBookz exists to connect the global melanated community back to Indigenous Wisdom so we can all play a part in creating a better reality that positively impacts both people and planet.




We are taking orders and our teams are operating in both locations. Although many of our customers parcels are making it to them with in our estimated times, unexpected delays due to flights and staff shortages are causing multiple problems in different places.


For any of our customers that are experience serious delays, please contact us via email with your order number, we will respond asap offering updates and solutions. 


We're here to get you your order.

We Ship From Two Locations....


We operate from two locations, the UK & USA and ship globally from both via Royal Mail and USPS. We maintain stock at both locations, you can select where your item ships from subject to availability to reduce shipping costs.


We use a flat rate system based on weight  automatically set by Royal Mail & USPS.  For any additional information about shipping rates please visit ROYAL MAIL PRICES & USPS


  • In the case you make an order where items are shipped from two locations, the most cost effective shipping method will be shown at the checkout!




Are be sent directly to the mobile number or email address provided immediately after you place your order! Please be sure to double check your details before submitting to avoid delays in receiving your order information.


In the case of incorrect address on orders, customers will be liable to pay for redelivery once the parcel has been returned to sender. If the customer prefers to have the order refunded, the total order cost will be refunded with the shipping fee and a handling fee (£1.50) will be deducted.




Our in-house team will notify the respective storage facility who will process and prepare your selected products within the 48th hour ready for shipping excluding weekends. All orders made over the weekend will be sent out the following Monday.




Where relevant so that you can trace your order, within 24 to 72 hours a tracking number is created and sent to your selected mobile phone or email address once your order has been handed to the relevant local logistics company.


Delivery Times

From the receipt of you tracking information please allow for the following average times.

Location Time to Delivery
North America & Canada 

 3 - 7 Business Days

Caribbean, Central  & South America
5 - 10
Business Days
United Kingdom, North & West Europe 1-3
Business Days
Central, West Europe & Russia 5 - 10  
Business Days
North, East, West & Central Africa
7 - 10
Business Days
South Africa
7 - 10
Business Days
India, Asia, China, & Japan 5 - 10
Business Days
New Zealand &  Australia 
5 - 10
Business Days


Please remember, these are average times and deliveries frequently arrive earlier. Our products are sourced and stored globally and the location of you and the stocks effect the above times.




IndigiBookz refund policy is in alignment with consumer rights, we are happy to refund our customers accordingly. In the case of damages, please provide the local postal services acknowledgement of a damaged delivery, also include photographic evidence for our team to process.


Please note that IndigiBookz processes all orders within 24 hours unless there is a problem. Any problems will be communicated with the customer via email and processed once a response has been received.


Any orders that are canceled within 24 hours can be refunded straight away provided they have not been shipped.


In the unfortunate event that your order is experiencing delays and you want us to refund you, we would like to be clear that we process refunds on the following basis:

 Shipping company confirmed that the order cannot be completed due to a customs related issue.

  • Shipping company confirmed that the order cannot be delivered in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Order has exceeded 30 days in transit (in the case that the delay is linked to COVID 19 backlogs this has been extended to 45 days) and shows no recent tracking updates or signs of delivery.
  • We can only refund once an item has been confirmed back in our possession if a parcel is returned to sender.
  • All refunds processed will be minus the shipping cost where we are not liable. This means if you fail to supply a correct a address and the parcel is returned to sender you will be liable to cover the redelivery cost OR subject to a refund minus the delivery cost.

In the event that you would like a refund and the item is still in transit, please note that unless the item has exceeded 30 days in transit or the shipping company cannot confirm delivery, we will ask that you wait for the item to arrive then follow the RETURNS protocol. 


If you’re unhappy with your item please see the RETURNS protocol for details and our team will be happy to assist.


During the current global epidemic we have noticed that as many as 1/3 of our customers are experiencing delays to their orders. We are asking all of our customers who are experiencing delays to be considerate of the situation and appreciate that many of the delays are a result of a reduced frequency in flights that carry much of the worlds postal cargo and the staff shortages ushered in by lockdown restrictions.


We are monitoring all of our customers orders as best we possibly can in an attempt to manage expectations and spot problems to resolve them as soon as possible. Management has decided that once there is more fluidity to the global shipping industry that a gift acknowledging the delays will be automatically sent out as a token of our appreciation.




We endeavour to ensure all of the products we offer are delivered to the highest standards and would like you to know both IndigiBookz and consumer rights are on your side. Whilst we are constantly monitoring our vendors there are few cases where customers are not satisfied.


Please note that IndigiBookz processes all orders within 24 hours unless there is a problem. Any problems will be communicated with the customer via email and processed once a response has been received.


In the event that you’re not satisfied with your order there are circumstances where you are well within your rights to return the item and receive a full refund.


Any orders that are cancelled within 24 hours can be refunded straight away.




If your order arrived and it is broken, damaged or you feel is not as described please provide us with photos via email including your order number. Our team will be back in touch you within 24 hours with instructions on how to return.


Our team will ask you to send the items and send us receipts so we can reimburse the postage costs. Once our team receives the item at our facility your refund will be issued.



If you have placed an order and have changed your mind whist it is in transit and would like to return the item simply wait for the item to arrive, email customer service with your order number and wait for a response. Our customer service team usually responds within 24 hours.


All returns claims need to made within 7 days of the delivery and damage claims without photo evidence will not be processed.


We will not cover the cost of returns for unwanted items.


Our Return Addresses Are:


INDIGIBOOKZ, 9775 Leahy Rd. Jacksonville, Fl. 32246


INDIGIBOOKZ, 172 Albert Road, Aston, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B6 5NJ




In the instance there is an issue with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us via email contact@indigibookz.com, include your order information so we can respond effectively immediately!